February 2017 Degustabox Review

Another month been and gone and that also means time for another Degustabox review!! I really look forward to receiving my box and can’t wait to see what is inside. February’s box was pretty good, and there are a couple of new products that I can’t wait to try out again.

So watch the video below of me and Aaron opening the box and finding out what was inside.



Here’s everything together:



In February’s Box



Bebeto Sweets

These look fab! Cheese Cake Gummies and Candy Crush Gummy Mix. The kids couldn’t wait to try these out. They liked the Candy Crush gummies, but none of the kids like the cheese cake flavoured ones. I was really surprised by this, as my kids normally like every kind of sweets. They smelt really delicious, but I couldn’t try any of these out as they are suitable for vegetarians. So my husband ended up with the cheese cake ones and he loved them. These are both priced at £1.69 each. Wont be buying for the kids but mu husband would buy himself some as a little treat.

My overall rating



Blossom Hill

Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom comes in two flavours Elderflower and Summer Fruits. I received the Elderflower. No, am not over keen on wine, I only really drink rose wine but it has to be a really sweet one. This was not too bad. It was quite fruity and sweet and I liked it. It’s only £4.99 and would be great to have with a nice spring picnic.

My overall rating

Double Dutch

This mixer was pomegranate and basil flavour. It tasted ok, but I wasn’t too keen. Not sweet enough for me.

My overall rating

Just Bee Honey Water

This was in blueberry flavour, but to be honest I couldn’t really taste it. I could taste a slight hint of honey though. Nice, but I would prefer plain water.

My overall rating


These are coldpressed not heated, so retain more of their nutrients and vitamins. They come on two flavours and I received the green one which contains apple, spinach, kale and bananas. I didn’t really like the look of this so gave it to my husband. He likes drinks like this, but this one was not to his taste. These are priced at £2.79

My overall rating



Kabuto Noodles

These were my favourite item out of this months box. It’s like a healthier version of a pot noodle, but these are tastier! It’s suitable for vegetarians and is gluten-free. Really nice and slightly spicy. Priced at £1.99. I will be on the look out for these.

My overall rating

Koko Diary Free

This is a milk alternative made from pressed coconut water. It’s gluten and diary free. It taste like normal cows milk with just a hint of coconut water. I don’t like coconut water, but I do like this milk as the coconut is only ever so slight. I didn’t like it in my cup of tea, but tasted really nice with my weetabix. Priced at £1.50

My overall rating



Chase’s Fit Popcorn

In this month’s box you could get one of 5 flavours of this popcorn. I got one that I had previously received in another box – Apple cider vinegar. I am the only one in my house who likes this flavours, which I’m happy about as that means I get to eat it all to myself.

My overall rating

Maui and Sons

These are banana chips covered in Belgian dark chocolate. They are gluten-free and a healthier alternative snack. I liked these, but the chocolate didn’t taste like real chocolate. I can’t really explain it, but tasted like a cheap alternative. These are £1.00 a bag

My overall rating

New York Delhi’s Americanos

These are coffee beans covered in dark chocolate. These were really nice. The coffee flavour is quite strong and could be a bit too much for some. I did really like these. They are priced at £1.00 a bag

My overall rating



Heinz Beans

These taste like any other baked beans if you ask me, but these do have no added sugar. These are priced at 65p for a small tin. The beans I normally get are just 20p for a large tin and have the same amount of sugar in. So I will stick to buying the ones that I do. The only difference is the sauce is slightly thicker, but not really noticeable.

My overall rating

Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar

A free sample was included in this month’s box. The normal price is £6.95 for 500ml. I haven’t got around to trying this yet, so can’t really says too much about it.


I really like both of the mints and the gum. Both are really refreshing and have a lovey mint taste. They contain no sugar or aspartame which I love. These are priced at £1.50 each

My overall rating


This was really nice, tasted just like a healthier kitkat. These have no sugar so a perfect little treat. priced a 95p

My overall rating


So there you go. My favourite item was definitely the Kabuto Noodles. I also like the popcorn, mints and chocolate bar. Have you tried any of these items before? Which one takes your fancy?

If you would like to try out your very own Degustabox, you can get your first box for just £5.99 – saving you £7.00. Just pop on over to the site and use my discount code : 9U02B




I received the above box in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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