Basic Invite : Truly Custom Invitations

Basic Invite: Truly Custom Invitations.

Basic Invite is an online stationery design company specializing in personalized and custom stationery. They have cards for all of your major life moments including wedding stationery, personal and business stationery, first birthday invites, and so much more!

With another spring season here it’s time to think about your kid’s impending summer break and another school year coming to a close… scary, right?! Whether it’s a senior year milestone or one of the in between years every accomplishment is worth a celebration. You can create graduation announcements for any age from preschool to kindergarten all the way up to high school graduation invitations.


Basic Invite : Truly Custom Invitations


With over 180 different colors to choose from, tons of gorgeous fonts, pages of designs, and accessories to top off any look or style there is something for everyone. Let your child take the wheel and have your kids help you out with their graduation card design – make a day of it! They will have so much fun mixing and matching colors and testing out fonts that you won’t even have to do any of the work!

Need some tips on how to create the perfect graduation announcement?

  • Upload your own photo
  • Choose a design that represents the graduates personality
  • Design your card with school colors
  • Be sure to include the graduates name and graduation year
  • Don’t forget to include information on any event surrounding the graduation such as a party, ceremony, or plans for the future!

Even if you don’t have any 2017 graduates, their stationery products are the perfect way to kick off any celebration, keep your loved ones in the loop, and a place to simply design custom stationery to have on hand. Head over to Basic Invite and customize yours today!



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