What Sounds Keep you Awake at night? #aSoundSleep

Do you get your full forty winks when you go to bed or are you disturbed through the night with noise waking you up? Mattress Next Day did #aSoundSleep survey to find out what impact sound has on the UK’s sleep, their results are shown in the infographic below.

The survey showed that 53% of people thought that they could adapt from a quiet environment to a noisy one. I thought this figure was quite high, as I know that I wouldn’t be able to do this. My home is normally very quite at night, and the only noise I hear is from my husband snoring. Sometimes I am woken by the odd car revving their engine outside my window but this isn’t very often. But I remember when I gave birth to my daughter in hospital and I was on a ward with 5 other women. The babies kept waking up every few minutes crying, one of the women was snoring so loud it sounded like an aeroplane was trying to take off. The ward was so hot, and we wasn’t allowed to open any windows, things kept randomly beeping and to top it off, the nurses were talking and laughing all through the night. It was the worst nights sleep ever!

When I do go to bed I often fall asleep pretty quickly, it’s only when I have things on my mind that I find it hard to drift off. If this happens I like to listen to the sound of thunderstorms on my phone. I just find them really relaxing, the heavier the rain the better. The survey found that 65% of people like to listen to music to drift off. I do this sometimes too, normally I like listening to classical music when falling asleep. I couldn’t listen to any other type, as it would wake me up and make me feel like singing.

What sounds help you fall to sleep? And what sounds keep you long awake into the night?


#aSoundSleep survey - infographic


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