Num Nom Flavoured Inspired Pancakes

We really love pancakes in our house, well, except my husband who hates them. But me and the kids really love them. We don’t have them very often has we like to have lot’s of unhealthy stuff on them. My favourite being Nutella and the kids like lots of chocolate and strawberry sauce. And I mean Lot’s! This Pancake Day we were sent out a series 3 pack of Num Noms and challenges to make some Num Nom flavoured inspired pancakes.

In our pack of Num Noms we had carrot (bunny Carrot), pineapple (Piney Apple) and even sweet peas (Eda Mama). But we decided to go for marshmallow (Softy Mallow), sugar (Sugar Stripes) and in our Mystery pot we had Zane Zest, which is lime.



Here are my homemade pancakes with our added ingredients, inspired by Num Noms.



Eating them!

We rolled the pancakes up and squished them so the marshmallows melted a bit from the warmth of the freshly made pancakes. The kids were delighted to have pancakes for tea, before actual Pancake day. But I had to reassure them that we would still be having pancakes for tea again on the day.

Here are Caitlin and Aaron enjoying their pancakes. They refused to smile for the camera, as they wanted to hurry up and eat their pancakes and they was getting frustrated with me trying to get a good shot of them.



What would you make?

If you had to make a Num Nom inspired flavoured pancake, what would you choose? Take a lot at all the Num Nums you can get for some inspiration.

If you need a recipe to make your own pancakes take a look below as I have two yummy ones for you to try out


Easy Peasy Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

banana pancakes

We received a pack of Num Noms in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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