Ready for the Snow with my New Wellies

My New Wellies

I received these lovely new wellies from Brantano to review and they arrived just in time, as the very next day we had our first bit of snow of the year. And when I say a bit, it was a bit. These photos were taken in the morning and by time it was 11am all of it had melted.

I have been wearing these on the school run, as the path we take to get there is very muddy. My other wellies that I had got a hole in, so even when wearing thick socks my foot got wet and cold. I went for a size 7, like I normally to when I buy wellies, even though I am actually a size 6. But I like to wear my thick heat holder socks to keep my feet warm. These were quite roomy, so I properly could have got a size 6 and worn slightly thinner socks if I wanted.


Brantano Peacock feather wellies review


What I love about them

The thing I like most about these new wellies is the gorgeous peacock feather design and the cute little hearts on them. The colour of them is just perfect too. On my very first day of wearing them I had 3 compliments on them and asking me wear I got them from.


Brantano Peacock feather wellies review

Brantano Peacock feather wellies review

Brantano Peacock feather wellies review


I would highly recommend these wellies as they are really high quality and really comfortable to wear. The peacock feather wellies are priced at ยฃ22 which I think is a great price. Brantano also sell loads of other really lovely womens shoes, so pop on over and take a little look and let me what catches your eye.

3 Little Buttons
One Messy Mama
Family Fever
Cuddle Fairy


I received the above wellies in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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