Match A Track Game Review + Giveaway

Match A Track is a new game soon to be released (March 6th 2017) from Laurence King Publishing and me and the kids had the chance to have a play with it before it official comes out to buy. The game is a card game and the idea is that you have to match an animal track card to the correct animal it belongs too. Easy yeah? No! I find this game very tricky and I couldn’t believe that the ones I thought were matches, actually wasn’t. In fact Caitlin (7) made way more matches than me and I was really trying too! And because of that this is a great game for adults to play too. It’s like they say – You learn something new everyday.



There are 25 animals tracks to match in total, from a elephant to a frog. The cards themselves are made from thick card so won’t get any edges bent. They come in a box with full instruction and a list of which animal goes to which track.

We spreed all the cards out on the floor, animals one side, tracks the other side. And we took it in turns to guess which pair of cards went together. If you get it right, you get to have another go. If not, it’s on the the next person.



I am still surprised how many I got wrong! I didn’t even know which track belong to a dog! The only ones i knew at first go where the duck and the frog. I’m 32, you’d think I would now which track a cat makes, right? Anyway, I lost. Both Caitlin and Aaron got more than me.



Match A Track is a great game and I can’t wait to play again. I am determined to win next time.

You can buy Match A Track from the 6th March and it’s priced at £12.98.


I also have one set to giveaway. To enter just fill in as much as you like in the gleam widget below. All entries are optional, but the more you enter the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open to the UK only and will close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 5th April 2017.


Match a track Game


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I was sent out this game in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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