What the Kids will be Watching this Half Term

Most parents look forward to the half term holidays, spending time with their kids and going out places. But me, I hate it. Ok, hate is a strong word, but after a day I am ready for them to go back to school. We will properly spend a few hours down at the park then back home for a few games, but it isn’t long before they are arguing between themselves. My youngest two, Caitlin (7) and Aaron (6) are the worst, consent bickering. But even the eldest, Ryan (11) likes to wind them up. Then I can have all 3 of them shouting “Mum, Aaron’s hitting me”, “Mum, Caitlin just throw her book at me”, “Mum, Ryan is staring at me”. I get that all day, every day the whole half term. So unlike most parents who love having their little angels at home for a whole week, I don’t. So, this half term I have tried to come up with a plan and get them doing certain activities while I work or clean the house so I don’t have to listen to them consistently whingeing.


My plans for them

First up, I have just received some Mother’s Day & Easter Baker Ross crafts. So that will keep the youngest two occupied for an afternoon.

We are going to the library tomorrow to get a few books, so they can read them in their rooms quietly for 15 minutes or so.

My husband has agreed to take them to the park for one morning, to give me a bit of peace.

The kids are going to my sisters one day (but then another day all her kids are coming to mine!)

We have 3 or 4 board games to try out and review.

And then we have got Amazon Prime Video that they can watch.


What the kids will be watching through half Term

What they will be watching

You might have since my previous post, what I have been watching when I was ill, which was sharing with you some of the great box sets that I have just discovered. And also on Amazon Prime Video are some really good kids programmes. A new kids series called Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter as just started and looks pretty good. There is also Annedroids, which looks like something Caitlin would really love to watch as she likes to watch something similar to this and also Just Add Magic, which looks right up her street.

Mr Maker, Paw Patrol and Tom & Jerry are all on Amazon Prime video too and these are Aaron’s favourite programmes. He hasn’t been able to watch Tom & Jerry since we got rid of our Sky subscription, so he is going to be so excited when he finds out he is able to watch this.

There are also some great family films to watch too. We love films in our house and like to watch them often. The great movies that the kids can watch this half term are Paddington, The Lego Movie, The Lorex and Shaun the Sheep Movie, to name but a few. I have also seen a few Scooby Doo movies which the kids would love to watch and Mirror Mirror, which I have been wanting to watch for ages, but still never seen it.

What will you and your kids be doing half term? Will they be watching any of these programmes or films? Let me know in the comments below.


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