Bikes through the Decades

It was back in 1993 when I was 8 years old that I first learnt to ride a bike. It took me quite a few weeks to get the hang of keeping my balance, all my friends could already ride a bike and I felt a bit left behind. I must admit it took me longer then everyone else, because I was scared of falling off, so it took me longer to learn. I learnt by riding up and down my street. My sister also learnt to ride her bike at the same time but she was only 6 at the time. I don’t remember what type of bike my first kids bike was, but I remembering it being pink and white.

Most of my friends had BMX bikes. This was the bike of the 90’s. And even more than 20 years later, I think my favourite bike is a BMX.



For this Christmas just gone, we bought Caitlin her first proper bike. She did have a small kids Peppa Pig bike but she out grow this. So we got her a brand new pink BMX. Yeah, a BMX, which is apparently the bike from the 90’s, but I much prefer this one, to one of the new fancy electric bikes. They actually scare me, and I would be terrified to ride one and there is no-way I would pay £1000 for a bike!

Here’s a few pics of Caitlin riding her bike.


Caitlin posing for a photo on her new bmx bike - Serenity you

Caitlin riding her BMX bike - Serenity You


Take a look at some more bikes through the decades and let me know which one is your favourite type of bike? Let me know in the comments.


The Electric Bike

The electric bike 2010



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