Having Fun this Half Term with Baker Ross Spring Crafts

You might have read my post that I wrote a few days ago about what the kids will be doing over this half term. One of the things was making our Baker Ross Spring Crafts that we received. We had 6 different craft packs to try out. these were :


Baker Ross Spring Crafts


We started of with the super mum magnets. Caitlin (7) and Aaron (6) took their time deciding who was going to have which piece. They did 3 each and I think they turned out really fab!! This would make a lovely Mother’s day gift for the kids to make. I have them all proudly sitting on my fridge.


Super Mums Magnets from Baker Ross


Next Aaron did one of the Mother’s day handprint poem’s. He did this all completely by himself with no help at all. Very proud.



Next they were both onto the Pond Pals sticker scenes. These come in a pack of 4 and all are the same, so great for kids to share without no arguing who has what. There are cute stickers of a heron, otter, swan, frog, turtle, ducks, fish, butterflies and even a pretty kingfisher. These are great for younger kids too.


Pond Pals Sticker scenes from baker Ross


Both of the kids were pestering me to help them build the Easter Egg train, but it was getting late, so we did that the next morning. The train is made from foam that slots together. This was quite tricky to do and even I struggled with trying to get the front part to stay on. The kids just decorated this with the flower and glitter Easter egg stickers that came with it.


Easter Egg Foam Train from Baker Ross


Last but not least we started on the flower wreaths. Simply colour, thread through and hang.  The kids are still doing these, but I have finished done off. What do you think?



And you may have noticed that I have’;t showed you the Po m Pom bugs yet. well, that’s because we still have to do them. Both Caitlin and Aaron find making pom poms a bit tricky and get easily frustrated with these, so I’ll be making these when I have a spare 10 minutes to myself.

So what do you think? Which of these spring crafts do you like the most? The kids really likes the sticker scenes and the train, once it was made up. My favourite was definitely the Super Mum magnets!! They are really lovely and bright and I would like to get these again, just so I can make one.


Baker Ross Spring Crafts


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We received the above crafts in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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