Being burgled is a worry for many, lucky it has never happened to me. But it has happened to my sister and her partner and their two young kids. It actually happened the very first night they moved into their new home. He nicked my sisters laptop, a camera and even my 4-year-old nephews money-box. Since then she has been more aware of securing her house when the go out and before they go to bed.



Do you know how safe is the area you live in? Here are some statistics showing the council area and the burglary rate:

  • Northamptonshire – 51.06
  • Gloucestershire – 48.77
  • Warwickshire –  45.29
  • Essex – 44.57
  • Lincolnshire – 44.48
  • Lancashire – 43.34
  • Kent – 41.77
  • Nottinghamshire – 40.56
  • Leicestershire – 39.77
  • Worcestershire – 39.23
  • Cambridgeshire – 36.76
  • Derbyshire – 35.20
  • Suffolk – 34.85
  • Surrey – 34.63
  • Buckinghamshire -33.44
  • Hertfordshire – 33.41
  • Somerset – 31.69
  • Hampshire – 30.76
  • East Sussex – 30.21
  • Staffordshire – 30.09
  • West Sussex – 29.84
  • Dorset – 29.12
  • North Yorkshire – 28.17
  • Oxfordshire – 27. 32
  • Norfolk – 25.81
  • Cumbria – 25.09
  • Devon – 22.83

 I live in Derbyshire, so we are in the middle. But to be honest I did expect Derbyshire to be lower down the list.

Verisure Smart Alarms have made a map of England and Wales to highlight the areas with the highest and lowest rates of burglary.


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11 comments on “How Safe is the Area You Live in?”

  1. The idea of being burgled terrifies me. It happened to a friend of mine so when we moved in together we intentionally looked for a place on the first floor to minimise the risks. Unfortunately, you never really can tell, even from statistics. Our area is actually relatively safe but then we have still had 2 violent incidents in as many years.

  2. I didn’t know you lived in Derbyshire Natasha! I’m on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border 🙂

    I expected Notts to be fairly high up the list as we always get bad press, but I was really shocked to see Derbyshire there in the middle!

    Louise x
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  3. West Yorkshire is on there but I know it’s high up on the list. This has been a fear of mine since I began living in civilian streets and was no longer protected by a fence and men with guns at the gate x

  4. an interesting read. I live in the Northeast and can’t remember the last time I heard of a burglary in my area. This doesn’t make me complacent though, I’m still very careful to lock my doors and make sure windows are closed.

  5. Interesting to see the statistics. Though I wonder if the gap between Rich and Poor has an impact on crime rate ( Burgulary included). As when we think back to perhaps Charles Dickens time. Someone may steal an apple from a market stall. Though it is a crime, one can also accept fact that Poor may have taken apple, as no other means of accessing food. Yet food is a necessity.

    Also it may be that those who are Rich have access to Security. Royalty, Celebrities and Politicians can be surrounded by Security staff etc. Yet shouldn’t we all be able to feel safe and secure in our own homes etc? It seems that a Fairer share of Wealth would likely be Best way to provide a safer society. As often it is reported that research has shown that countries which have a narrow gap between Rich and Poor has less crime, better Health etc.

  6. I think being burgled while you’re in your home & asleep must be particularly unsettling. Touch wood, I’ve not experienced home burglary, which considering we live in the County top of the leader board is very uplifting!!

  7. I live in Brighton, it’s right up there! I’ve always felt a sense of it – it’s part of living in a busy city

  8. That is absolutely terrible, some people have no shame, we live in a nice area but as with everywhere there are drug addicts that spoil it, a few work vans have been broken into recently, they even towed my brother in laws van a mile up the road to empty it xxx

  9. Its scary when it happens! I think the intrusion is almost worse than the loss of anything. We try and keep an eye out for our neighbours and hope they’d do the same for us 🙁

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