My Favourite Posts of 2016

Happy New Year!! 2016 came and went so quickly. It was an ok year for me. I went to my first ever blog meet up and met some really lovely bloggers and I also got invited to a Num Nums event and to go and see Santa. It wasn’t a very good year for me financially and we have been struggling a bit, but I am hoping this year will be better. Not only was there quite a few celebrity deaths in 2016, but there was a lot of people I knew who died last year. 2 of them in just the last 3 weeks.  But I am looking on the positive side and thinking of all the good things that 2017 will bring to me and my family.

And to start off on a positive, I thought I would share with you my favourite 10 blog posts I did from last year. So here we go. in reverse order.

10. Easter Egg Puzzle

easter egg jigsaw 3


I love doing jigsaws and my favourite are Wentworth Puzzles. I love that they are made of wood so you can complete them on the carpet. My favourite one I have done from them so far is the Easter Egg puzzle with the cute bunny whimsy pieces.


9. Playmobil Hospital Range




I just love playmobil and bought the kids a few sets for Christmas. Aaron got the carry along police station and Caitlin got a camp set. I was asked again last year to carry on being a Playmobil Playologist, which I was so happy about. I love reviewing their set and my favourite range so far is the Hospital range. We got the medical helicopter with is fantastic.


8. Dream Bedroom


I made a mood board of some gorgeous items that I would love to see in my dream bedroom. And this year hopefully, I am going to make that happen.


7. Hocus Pocus Pea Soup



I made this rather yummy but disgusting looking pea soup for Halloween. It doesn’t look very appetising at all, but it really tasted so delicious! I will be making it again for this years Halloween.


6. Dragon Sleeping Bag



I got this Dragon sleeping bag to review back in June and my son, Aaron hasn’t been out of it since. It’s really warm and you can open the bottom to walk around.


5. After Eight White Chocolate Mousse 



This After Eight white chocolate mousse was just divine!! The best mousse I have ever tasted and the first one I ever made. I can’t believe I haven’t made this again yet. Think I will have to make it as a treat for myself in two weeks when it’s my birthday.


4. Cadbury’s Button Owl Cake

owl cake pinterest


This is the best chocolate cake I have ever made! The owl shape didn’t look so good, but the taste was amazing. I am really proud of this cake, it was just gorgeous and I am planning on making it again very soon.


3. Toy Pet Bed



Me and the kids really enjoyed making this princess pet bed for their secret life of pet toys to play in. My daughter Caitlin, still has it in her bedroom with all her toys in.


2. Ladybird Appetisers 

ladybird appetizers collage


These ladybird appertizers are great to have at a party and they look so cute. This is my second favourite post I did last year, but this is in fact my most popular post of the year and has had the most views and my most pinned pin.


1. Marshmallow Snowmen

marshmallow snowmen collage


Even though this is not my most viewed post of last year, it’s my favourite. I had so much fun making these cute marshmallow snowmen and the kids enjoyed eating them. I love their cute strawberry laces scarfs.


So there you go, my top 10 favourite posts of 2016. Which of my posts did you enjoy reading the most? Was it any of the above or was it something different. Let me know in the comments.



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