I have never liked January, I always feel down in the dumps and this year as been the worst as the kids all got ill and then I got ill. I have had a really bad cold/flu and i have had it for ages now and it doesn’t want to shift. I have had such a bad headache and it’s all behind my eye that it makes looking at a computer screen hard to do. But I have got so much work to catch up on.

Today I am sharing with you December’s Degustabox, which I actually got before Christmas and I have just found out that the January box is on its way! So that’s how behind I am. Anyway, here’s the video of me and the kids finding out what was inside.



And here everything is!


December's Degustabox 2016 - Serenity You




Bristows Oh Fudge!

I have never heard of this make before and was really eager to try it as I love fudge. This was Apple & Cinnamon flavour, perfect for this time of year. It also comes in 3 other flavours. I really liked this and you can really taste the flavours. However, all 3 of my kids didn’t like it and my husband doesn’t like cinnamon. So more for me! At £4.99 it is a bit prices, but very nice.

My overall rating



Newtons Apple Juice

I have tried this Newtons Apple Juice before and it’s really nice, but not as sweet as my normal apple juice. So if you don’t like your apple juice too sweet, this is perfect for you

My overall rating

Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine

No, I still haven’t tried this yet. I am not a big fan of wine, unless it’s a really sweet rose.  so can’t really give this one a score.

What a Melon – Watermelon Water

I am not a big fan of watermelon, so I gave this one to my husband. he really liked it, he said it was really refreshing and really different to other drinks.

My overall rating

A2 Milk

I have heard so much about this milk but never actually tried it. We normally buy the supermarket home brand of semi-skimmed milk, so this one is a bit more expensive, but great if you suffer with tummy problems, as it claims to help. Me eldest son, has a food intolerance, but we are still not sure what it is. We have narrowed it down to either milk or wheat. So I am going to buy some more of this milk just for him to see if it helps.

My overall rating




I love to she Bahlsen products in my Degustabox, they are just delicious! The small bag called Akora are gingerbread hearts with a soft filling which I think was raspberry. These where quite nice but not has nice as the big bag of gingerbread. The Lebkuchen Mischung came in different shapes and these ones didn’t have a filling. They also smelt so good!! I will be on the look out for these!

Akora – My overall rating

Lebkuchen Mischung – My overall rating



Bite+ Multi grain flakes

These are supposed to be an on the go breakfast cereal, that taste like crisps. The sour cream and onion flavour is quite strong but I liked that, but best to brush your teeth afterwards. I am not too sure about eating these in the morning as a cereal, I’d rather have them as a snack through the day. And you get more in a packet of these than you do a standard packet of crisps.

My overall rating


I received two flavours of these, Salt & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper. These are supposed to be a healthier alternative to crisp and are a bit like eating croutons. They were ok, but I couldn’t eat a whole bag, like I would crisps as these are more filling.

My overall rating



Maggi 3 Minutes Noodles

These look really nice, but I haven’t tried these has they are made with chicken stock. But I have had maggi noodles before and they were lovely. So I have high hopes for these. Again, I can’t really score these.


These are perfect for my eldest son, as like I mentioned before he has a food intolerance that we haven’t found out what is causing it. One of the things maybe what, and Ryan, loves having wheat-a-bix for breakfast, so as these are gluten-free, are a great alternative.

My overall rating



Gallo Risotto

Another two items I haven’t tried out. They look really nice, but I can’t figure out if they are suitable for vegetarians or not. My kids won’t eat risotto and my husband doesn’t like it either, So at the moment these are just sat in my kitchen cupboard. Which the packaging was more clearer, so I can find out if I can eat them or not. So again, no score.



Overall, this box was a bit iffy for me, as a few of the items I couldn’t have but the Bahlsen gingerbread was the best!

And don’t forget, if you would like to try out your very own Degustabox, you can get a whopping £7 off if you quote 9U02B. So that means your first box will only cost you £5.99. You can cancel at anytime too. So if you don’t like what you get in your first bx, no worries. But at this price it’s definitely worth trying out.


I was sent the Degustabox in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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