Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Teach your Children Math.

Many parents do not get time to spend with their children. They are always running up and about trying to make the lives of the children as easy as possible. They are the ones out their working to get the school fees, pay the bills, buy the food and more to make life comfortable for their kids. Christmas is the only time of the year that most parents are at home and have the time to spend with the kids. It is this time that the parents are also able to help their kids grow and develop their skills.

Did you know that you can teach your children new skills without trying so hard? The thing about children is that they always want to learn something from their parents. As a matter of fact, children always adopt their parents’ habits. This is because they deem them to be ideal. It is not just about habits though- ideas and opinions are also easily transferred from a parent to a child than from a teacher to the children.


Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Teach your Children Math.


Spend time teaching your kids

It therefore makes a lot of sense to spend time with your children teaching them one or two things. Are their grades looking ‘miserable’? You can help your kids improve these grades with such tremendous ease. Contrary to popular opinion, teaching children does not have to be a hassle. It can be ridiculously simple you will be left wondering why you never thought of doing it before.

Home tuition for subjects like math and languages does not require the use of textbooks. As a matter of fact, sometimes it helps a lot if the child does not feel like they are in a classroom. This is where Christmas comes into the equation. You can help your kids harness their creativity and arithmetic potential with such tremendous ease.

Educating your children on mathematical concepts at home is very easy. All you need to do is to show them a real life example of what they read about. For instance, concepts like fractions can be taught very easily in the kitchen. Show them some of the most common fractions- the quarters and halves. You can show them how to add and subtract. Simply make them understand how easy it is to perform the calculations.

Do not force it

Christmas is considered to be a time for relaxation and not for learning. Therefore, if you force your kids to learn some of these things you might end up causing more damage than helping your child. During this Christmas holiday, try as much as possible to spend plentiful amount of time with your children. Seize every opportunity to teach them and let the learning come naturally.

There are some things that will be very easy to teach like shapes for younger kids. There are many cool things that you can do to create different shapes and make the session enjoyable. You can cut shapes to decorate your Christmas tree or something of the sort. Christmas is very fun and full of learning opportunities.

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Irene Morrison has been offering math and English home tuition services for years now. She is especially fond of teaching kindergarten and grade school children. She believes in the innate ability of every individual to learn something new at every given opportunity they get.

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  1. It just so happens my mum was the worst at maths and would leave me confused, but agree you can learn so much from your parents such as how to be good as a person, developing their own personal values and skills they know such as fixing things, cooking etc x

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