Making a Princess Pet House for Our Secret Live of Pets Energizer Challenge

Me and the kids were challenged by Energizer to make a special sleeping place for all their soft toys. As part of the challenge Energizer have teamed up with The Secret Life of Pets. You can buy special promotion packs and win Secret Life of Pets plush toys. We were sent a box of craft goodies to help us out and also so really cute Secret Life of Pets plush toys. We had to pick a theme for our pet home, and we went for a princess theme. The kids couldn’t wait to get started making their princess pet house and pestered my every night after school. But I knew this would take more than just half an hour to build, so I said they would have to wait for the weekend.

Starting Our Challange

So first thing on Saturday morning, straight after they had their breakfast, we got to work on our pet house. First things first. I got a big cardboard box and cut out an arch shape for the door. The kids decided they wanted it yellow. So they painted the front with yellow poster paint. But we ran out of paint, so I improvised and used yellow tissue on the sides.




I used gold crape paper to cover the top of the pet home and then we then cut up a few glitter foam crowns and placed the around the top of the bed with some gorgeous gold glitter duck tape. We then added another bit of the crown each side of the door and Caitlin ca,e up with the idea of placing sparkly gems around the door frame. We then added so Glitter stars and princess stickers.








Aaron put a few of the Secret Life of Pets sticker on the back of the box and Caitlin put a few inside the box, so the pets had something pretty to look at.



Making a Princess Pet House for Our Secret Live of Pets Energiser Challenge


Finished! Well almost. We thought that the pets needed something nice and soft to lay one. So we made some pretty rugs made from feather for them. For this we just used to sheets of card and stuck loads of bright feathers on with glue.





And there you have it, our very own princess pet house. And not forgetting to add the Energizer magnet light on the side so the pets can see what’s going on. Don’t they look cute?


Making a Princess Pet House for Our Secret Live of Pets Energiser Challenge

Making a Princess Pet House for Our Secret Live of Pets Energiser Challenge


If you had to design your very own pet house what would it be? Maybe a pirate ship or a tree house? Let me know in the comments


Making a Princess Pet House for Our Secret Live of Pets Energiser Challenge



We was sent out all the craft materials, Energizer light and plush toys to take part in this challenge. All opinions are mine

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