Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I just love spending time with my family and the looks on the kids faces on Christmas morning when they open up their presents. Christmas was always a magical time for me and my sister growing up. We used to love making our own Christmas cards to give to family and making decorations for the tree. My mum used to go a bit mad at Christmas and buy us both way too many presents. I think this is because she came from a family of 7 kids who didn’t have much money and they used to get some nuts, an orange and just one toy. So I think because of this she tried to make Christmas extra special for us and would get herself in debt to buy us as many presents as she could. We normally would have about 30-40 presents just from my mum and dad and then another 10-15 from other family members. It was like walking into Santa’s’ grotto on Christmas morning.

Even though me and my sister had loads of presents every year, it was often the cheapest ones we liked the most. I used to love my Polly Pocket, Care Bears and My Little Pony. I used to always get a board game or two and my favourites were Kerplunk and Buckaroo.

I don’t have many photo of me when I was little, as they are all at my mum and dad’s house. But I do remember getting this ride on bike one Christmas which I loved. Here I am wearing my dad’s helmet.




And here is my sister posing with a cracker. She looks a bit miserable as I kept bossing her around and making her do lot’s of different poses next to the Christmas tree.

This is the tree we used to have up every year and we loved the cute little Santa decorations.




What I get my Kids

When I had kids I wanted a lovely magical Christmas like I had when I was a child but I didn’t want them to have hundreds of presents, like I did. It was hard the first few years as my mum would still buy them loads of gifts and I felt like a bad mum because she had bought them more than I did.

But over the years I have learnt that she will never change and I let her buy what she wants, as she never listens anyway. But now my kids are 11, 7 and 6 and I will be getting them around 10 presents each. I don’t think it’s how many presents they get, but what they get. I can’t remember all the toys I got for Christmas, only a few special ones stick out. And that’s what I want for my kids. I want them to grow up with memories of special toys that they had.

Making Memories

Early Learning Centre wanted to make my kids Christmas really memorable by sending them out an early Christmas present, one of their gorgeous Kitchens. I also had a kitchen when I was little and me and my friends used to spend hours playing with it. I decided to put this up at my mum’s house and keep it up there for when my family and also my sister’s family go up at Christmas, so all the kids can play with it together. My sister has 4, kids and 1 step-daughter all between the ages of 1-8 years, so they will love playing with this too.

Caitlin and Aaron where the first to try it out when we nipped into my mum’s on the way home from school last week. They really loved it and had great fun making the Christmas dinner set we got with it as well.



Making Christmas Memories with ELC #ComeandPlay




Making Christmas Memories with ELC #ComeandPlay




So when we go to my mum’s on boxing day all the kids can play together with this and make loads of special memories. We can even make this into a little Christmas tradition and buy a new toy to add to the kitchen set every year.

What where your most memorable toys when you were younger? 

Family Fever


I received the above toys in return for this post. All opinions are mine



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9 comments on “Making Christmas Memories with ELC #ComeandPlay”

  1. I used to love Care Bears stuff! I remember getting a Rainbow Bear stuffed toy one christmas and I loved that thing to pieces, definitely one of my favourite christmas gifts. x

  2. I had Polly pockets and my little pony too, my daughter has them now only Polly is much bigger than the tiny ones we had to go inside the shell necklaces etc xx

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