We are a nation who loves to pick up a hammer and spruce up our homes with a touch of DIY, what we don’t always think about though, are the dangers that can come with it.

It can seem so simple to just ‘do it yourself’ so you can avoid long waiting lists and overpriced fees, but just when is the right time to call in the professionals? I’m all for giving things a go and sometimes, we even surprise ourselves with our abilities to paint the perfect wall mural or upholster that old chair. But it’s the bigger projects that you might need to think twice about.

There are so many horror stories regarding people who take on renovation projects without realising they’re exposing themselves to the likes of asbestos, one of the main causes of mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer…sometimes you really are risking your life for that perfect kitchen. There’s actually loads of useful information regarding asbestos here: www.slatergordon.co.uk/personal-injury/asbestos

Slater and Gordon recently surveyed over 2000 people about their DIY habits and some of the results may surprise you!

48% of people are apparently unconcerned about the risks to their health that DIY can pose, it seems we’re more of an ‘act now ask questions later’ kind of nation. 61% of people don’t know what mesothelioma is; whilst 53% of those surveyed live in houses that were built when asbestos was still a common building material, meaning ignorance is perhaps not bliss in this case.

It doesn’t shock me to hear that people are a lot more comfortable painting walls or upcycling old furniture compared to undertaking electrical or plumbing work; I think those are definitely jobs best left to the professionals after all, nobody wants to come home to a flooded flat after doing a botch job on the pipes!


How Healthy is Your Home Improvements? Infographic


With the new year fast approaching I imagine many of you are planning some DIY projects of your own so make sure you remember to think about your own safety first! If you are planning some I’d love to hear what you’re up to, maybe you can inspire me to pick up a paintbrush!



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  1. I prefer to do things myself but certain jobs that involve plumbing or electrics and I will her professional help, my mum has had to have her polystyrene tiles removed due to fire hazards recently, when they were removed she wasd told there was asbestos, my sister and I always sat on the naughty step and put our hands through the bannister and pick at the tiles on the ceiling so it looked like snow unaware of the asbestos xxx

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