A Little Drink at Christmas

I am not normally a big drinker but I do like to have a drink now and again, and I always have a few at Christmas. It’s a little tradition for me and my husband to have a drink of Baileys or some Irish Cream on Christmas Eve while waiting for Santa. And I also like to have a nice glass of Lambrusco while I am wrapping all the presents up, while listening and trying to sing to Christmas songs. But it’s normally on New Years Eve when we go a bit mad.

Our New Years Eve

Me and my husband haven’t been out for New Years Eve since the kids were born. We normally stay in and play family board games and on the Wii. Then later we will put some songs on and have a dance around the living while having a few drinks and getting a little tipsy. My kids like to stay up with us to see the New Year in and often have some J20’s and pretending they are getting drunk on it.

Festive Drinks

So we get a variety of different drinks to have over the Christmas period. Some spirits, some lager, cider, liqueurs, rose wine and juices, to just name a few. The more the merrier, I say! Here are a few of the drinks me and my husband will be sampling this Christmas.


Festive Drinks Round Up


List of Drinks

KAH Blanco Tequila  – This is from 31dover and the Tequila comes in a white skull. I have never tried Tequila before, so looking forward to opening this.

Chase Marmalade Vodka – This can be bought directly from William Chase and makes a lovely change to just plain vodka. It tastes like lemon meringue pie with a hint of vanilla.

The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold – This can be bought from The Famous Grouse. mellow Gold has a more sweeter, mellower flavour than the original The Famous Grouse whisky. This is one that my dad will be trying to nick when he comes up.

Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin – I have yet tried this Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin but it looks great. It even comes in it’s on tin, so would make a prefect Christmas gift.

Jägermeister – This is one that my husband and his friends have when the go out. The local pub makes Jägerbomb’s that they normally start with.

Luxardo Sambuca – This is my husband favourite. I like this too as it has a very nice aniseed flavour, but I only need to drink a bit of this to get tipsy.

Baileys – This is one that we buy every christmas and I always have a glass on Christmas Eve.

Malibu – another one that we get every year and normally my mum buys my husband a bottle for Christmas. Very nice and I like to drink it and imagine I am somewhere hot.

Lambrusco – A really sweet rose wine with quite a low alcohol content. I love drinking some of this while wrapping the presents and also with my Christmas dinner

Archer’s Peach Snapps – I like to drink this one with lemonade. It’s a nice one to have with food too.

Disaronno – My all time favourite drink. I really love this and I like to drink it with orange juice. very sweet and tastes like bakewell tart.

J20 Glitterberry – Great if you don’t drink alcohol and want to stick to juice. I will be getting my kids a few J20’s in for New Years Eve and I really like this Glitterberry one. It’s full of edible glitter! The kids are going to love it.






Do you like yo have a drink at Christmas? What kind of drinks will you be buying this year? Let me know in the comments


This post contains some pr samples. All opinions are mine


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