Getting Ready for Christmas with Baker Ross Christmas Crafts

Can you believe that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away! Our family are really looking forward to Christmas this year, even more than last year. We actually put out tree and decorations a week earlier than we normally do and we put them up on the last Sunday in November. Baker Ross sent the kids a great bundle of Christmas crafts and the kids couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Here’s what we received:

Please note : That a lot of the Christmas items are now on offer, so go grab yourself a bargain!




We started off doing the Christmas scratch pictures. These were really great and the kids had so much fun making them come alive. I even got my eldest son, Ryan (11), doing one!




The window decs come in a pack of 12, but I think they must have packed these wrong, as we had 2 of each design, but had 4 snowmen designs but not elves which was pictured on the packet. These are easy to make, just colour in and stick in your window. The colours really stand out and look bright when placed in the window.




These Santa’s are a great way for the kids to write out their wish list for Santa. Here’s Caitlin’s lists with a bike and helmet, vase and fake flowers, lamp and a book to write her own stories in. Aaron still hasn’t wrote his list out as he wants way to many things and I said that he has to make his list a bit shorter, but he is undecided on what to take off.




I really like these fingerprint decorations. They come with three colour inks that you can put your finger in and different coloured jewels. These look really great when finished and hung up on the Christmas tree.




The cross stitch cards were quite tricky for Caitlin and Aaron, but they did mange to finish them. The gingerbread houses you can put a photo on where the door part it. These can look really great when personalised with your kids photos. But we don’t have many photos, they are all stored on my laptop. Really need to get some printed out.

The Santa’s where really fun to make. They kids loved sticking the funny glasses and hats on the Santa’s.




There’s nothing better to get you and the kids in the mood for Christmas by making Christmas decorations. We had so much fun making these. I liked the scratch art pictures the most, Caitlin likes the fingerprint snowflakes and Santa lists and Aaron like the funny Santa decorations the most.

There are loads of different fun crafts, stocking fillers and decorations to buy from baker Ross Christmas Shop. And a lot of them are now on offer too!


Baker Ross Christmas Crafts




Which one do you like the most? Let me know in the comments.

We received these Christmas crafts from Baker Ross in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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