3 reasons why everyone should volunteer

When you hear the word charity, you might automatically think about donating money. There are other ways to contribute though. For example, if you have some space in your schedule, you could arrange to give your time. From helping out at fundraising events, to promoting your chosen cause online, to working in charity shops, there are lots of ways to get involved – and it’s well worth giving it a go. Here are three reasons why everyone should consider volunteering.


3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Volunteer


1. Your efforts can make a real difference to people’s lives

Most importantly, giving even just a little of your free time can make a big difference to people’s lives. As the aid and development charity humanappeal.org.uk points out, volunteers create the real change for individuals and communities that are most in need. Your efforts could help to raise money for a variety of good causes. Depending on the organisation you choose to volunteer for, you could help to provide food and shelter to refugees or ensure communities have access to resources such as water, education and healthcare. You could contribute to education programmes or provide people with the means to make a better living. You could help train doctors for conflict zones or give orphans a better start in life.

There’s a vast array of projects to get involved in, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a cause that’s close to your heart.

2. It’s a rewarding experience

Volunteering doesn’t just benefit the people your chosen charity are helping. It can be great for you too. You’ll get to meet different people, feel part of a community and make new friends. You’ll also have the opportunity to take on new challenges and develop your skills. Overall, you should feel a sense of satisfaction that you’re putting your energy and abilities to good use. You might even discover hidden talents you didn’t know you had.

The key to getting the most from volunteering is to choose a role that plays to your strengths and that you feel enthusiastic about.

3. It’s great for your CV

Giving up some of your spare time to help those in need is also good for your CV. By expanding your skills and experience – and showing you have motivation and a sense of social responsibility – volunteering can make you more attractive to prospective employers. You never know, it could make the difference when it comes to securing your dream job.

There are a variety of ways to look for volunteering positions. For example, if you have a specific charity in mind, you could get information from the organisation’s website or by contacting it directly. There are also specialist sites that list volunteering positions for a range of charities. This can be an effective way to find roles in your local area.



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  1. I did a lot of volunteering in my youth – I worked with mentally handicapped adults on a computer course, and volunteered to listen to readers in a school. It is so rewarding, and yes, great on a CV too.

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