On Saturday my and my two youngest kids where invited down to Derby Intu Centre to visit Santa’s grotto. I haven’t been to Derby in years even though I only live 30 minutes away by train, So was a little bit worried that I would get lost. But the Intu Centre was really easy to find and just a short walk from the train station. We got there early so had time to look around the shops until our pre-booked session at 11am.

When it was time to go, Caitlin and Aaron was given some card reindeer antlers to wear that had a special number wrote on the inside. Caitlin was 26 and Aaron was 27. The lady at the counter started to explain what would be happening but as she was telling us, Aaron decided he would run away and hid in a nearby shop. Aaron as been having a few behaviour problems just recently, and he can be very stubborn. But when he ran, I had to grab Caitlin and try and chase after him, leaving the lady talking to herself. But the shopping centre was really busy and I panicked that I would lose him.

When I did find him, hiding behind a window display, I told him off and let him no how dangerous it was to run off like that. We went back toward Santa’s grotto and the lady just told us to go in. We had a little elf open the door to the grotto and let us in. Inside there were two elf’s Trixie and Belle and also parents waiting to see Santa with their kids. The kids take it in turns to see Santa and when the special number on your reindeer’s antlers is called out, it’s your turn.

While we waited our turn, Trixie and Belle did some magic for us and told some Christmas jokes. They were both really good and very funny. But Trixie was just amazing. The best human elf I have seen. Santa must have been running behind, as after 20 minutes of waiting, the elf’s had re-started there performance, so we saw one of the magic tricks twice.

When our numbers where called, we were lead by another elf to the room Santa was in. Aaron, had another moment and was scared to come in for a few minutes and just stood by the door. But when the elf told him he could come and choose a toy, he was soon in there. The room Santa was in wasn’t as Christmassy as I thought it would be but there where sacks and stockings all around the room filled with Playmobil toys. The toys wasn’t wrapped up, so you could pick which one you would like. Caitlin had a photo with Santa and told him what she wanted for Christmas but Aaron was too shy.





Then that was it, we said our goodbyes and we left. It would have been nice to spend a bit more time with Santa. We was with the elves for 20 minutes but with Santa for just 3. But I must say that the Santa was really good. He looked like the real thing and even had a real beard. He looked just like the Santa out of the film ‘A Miracle on 34th Street’!

When we left the kids where really happy that they had met Santa and couldn’t wait to play with their new Playmobil toys.

The price to see Santa is £6.50 per a child and £1 for adults. And for this you get a Playmobil toy.





I think the price is worth it for the toy, as they are great little sets. But would have been nice to spend a little bit more time with Santa. But it may have been rushing, because they were short on time and did have a lot of other children waiting to see him.


I was given free tickets to Santa’s grotto in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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27 comments on “Visiting Santa’s Grotto at Derby Intu Centre”

  1. We’re heading to see Father Christmas at intu Metrocentre in a few weeks – it’s also sponsored by Playmobil (and kids get the same free toy) but ours is free of charge? It’s odd that it’s not the same across the entire brand isn’t it.

    I agree with you about this Father Christmas – definitely the real deal.

  2. We always go to see Santa not sure who is hosting this year My neice has a Christmas job as an ELF can’t wait to see her dressed up

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