‘Staging’ a house is a real estate agent’s term for decorating for viewers. Essentially, you’re making the house look worth buying rather than just neat and tidy for guests. Staging a house for a quick move now is as much of an art as it is a science. So, here’s everything you need to know about preparing for the big sale:

Why Is It Important?

First impressions count for a lot in every purchase. Buyers are likely to make up their mind about your property the minute they step foot in it. So, making it presentable is the key to getting a great price.

Staging a house, of course, is optional. If you want to leave the house on the market for a longer period, perhaps you can wait to redecorate. But even after waiting and saving money on marketing, your buyer will have the upper hand in negotiations since the house is a mess.

So, just like any other sale, presentation counts for a lot. Buying a house is, after all, an emotional decision, and aesthetics play into that emotion. But you can do much more than simply make a house look good. By smartly redecorating you can actually make the house look brighter, bigger and more spacious than it is.

Here’s what you need to know:

Staging Basics

Start by cleaning and decluttering. Taking away all the clutter and cleaning every corner is likely to make the house look a lot more spacious. This will also let the buyer see the bare bones of the house structure.

Once you’ve cleaned and decluttered, move onto the kitchen. Scrub the floors so that they look sparkling new and clear up the kitchen cabinets so that the viewers can see how much storage there is (or is possible) in the kitchen. Bathrooms need a similar treatment, considering they are the second-most important rooms in the house. Fix up lights wherever you can so that the house looks brighter and apply a fresh coat of paint to make each room look brand new.


How to Prepare Your House for a Sale


Finally, wage a war on bad odour. Thoroughly clean every corner and light some scented candles before the viewers come over. The best way to make your house smell great is to bake some fresh cookies right before the buyers come over. This will give your house a nice, homely feel that’s really appealing.

Staging a house doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. A few quick and easy repairs will help you improve the way the property looks overall. But staging is absolutely necessary. It gives up a subtle edge when negotiating with buyers. It could actually make the difference between an immediate sale or months of waiting for a bargain offer.


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