You might have heard me say loads of time by now how much I love Playmobil. And as part of being a #PlaymobilPlayologist we was sent out one of their amazing fun advent calendars to review. There is nothing better than an advent calendar to open up everyday to get you in the mood for Christmas and this one is a great one for the kids.

Playmobil as a few different advent calendars to choose from. We reviewed the Fire Rescue Advent last year and we also won two advents, The Christmas Home advent and the Santa’s Workshop advent. This time we received the Christmas on the Farm Advent Calendar.


Playmobil Advent calendar Christmas on the Farm

Playmobil Advent calendar Christmas on the Farm


Here are Caitlin (7) and Aaron (5) taking it in turns to open a window each on their new advent calendar. They both really liked that it was full of both mummy and baby animals. Caitlin was really excited that the angel was slightly different to the Playmobil angel she already has. And Aaron really like the tractor in it.






Playmobil Advent calendar Christmas on the Farm



Half way through opening the advent calendar I decided to start filming Caitlin and Aaron opening some of the windows. Take a look below.



And this is what the set looks like with all the bits and pieces.


Playmobil Advent calendar Christmas on the Farm


There are some really cute piece in this set. I like the bird house with the different coloured bird sitting on it. And the goat family is lovely too, with mummy, daddy and baby all sharing their food together. I also like the chicken with her 6 baby chicks, just so sweet!


playmobil-christmas-on-the-farm-advent-collage-1 playmobil-christmas-on-the-farm-advent-collage-2


This advent calendar is just fabulous. It contains a lot of pieces as you can see from the photos and it makes a lovely set once complete. As this one is not totally Christmas themed, you can play with it all year-long. And as PLAYMOBIL is a top manufacturer within preschool toys they make lovely gifts. Having a Playmobil advent is definitely one of our Christmas traditions we will be doing every year.

All the Playmobil Advent Calendars are priced at £19.99 and currently there are 6 different ones to choose from.

Go take a look and let me know in the comments which one is you favourite?


Playmobil Advent calendar Christmas on the Farm - serenity you


And have you seen this…..

In 2017 Playmobil will be bringing out their new Ghostbuster range!! I really can’t wait. Take a look at the video below for a sneaky little peek



Family Fever


I received this advent in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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6 comments on “Playmobil Advent Calendar ‘Christmas on the Farm’ Review”

  1. Both my kids love advent calendars – I usually just get chocolate ones though…I had never thought of getting something like this – and for less than £20 that will give them hours of fun – that’s a great buy!

  2. Aww, this is SO cute! We’re huge playmobil fans here and I think my daughter would really love this! So much better than a chocolate advent calendar. I love the chicken and the baby chicks, too 🙂 Lovely post. xx

  3. They are good, Connor had one a few years ago, he got a bit impatient as he wanted to build the set but he enjoyed opening a new piece everyday xXx

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