Our family love playing board games. We normally have a family day once a month where we will all play games, have a takeaway and watch a movie. Christmas is when we play more board games than ever. We make a big buffet on boxing day and just spend the day together having fun and playing board games. We also do it all again on New Years Eve, and it’s like our tradition now as we do it every year guaranteed.

Over the last few months we have had a few new board games to review but I thought I would included them all in this post. The new games we have had to try out are Who Tooted?, Googly Eyes, Sort it Out, 5 Second Rule and Pointless. Out of all these games my three kids like Who tooted the most. They just thought it was absolutely hilarious! I really liked the Pointless game, but too hard for the kids and even my husband struggled (I’m the smart one lol). But the best one for the whole family was Sort it Out.

Here’s a bit more about each game:




Who Tooted?

This game is suitable for kids 5 and over and for 3-4 players. You each have a person on the board and the first to the finish is the winner. but to get there you have to guess Who Tooted? You do this, by all having a controller that you hold in your hand, but don’t let the others see. Each round one of the controllers will light up, and that person as to press their controller to make a fart sound. Everyone has to guess who tooted by pointing their nose counter at the person they think did it. This is where it can get tricky for younger ones, as the person who tooted as to pretend it wasn’t them and join in a choose who they think did it.

It took a few attempts for Caitlin and Aaron to understand that they had to pretend it wasn’t them, otherwise we all knew straight away who had pressed the button. The kids really loved this game and spent most of the time rolling around on the floor laughing their heads off.









Googly Eyes

This game is suitable for kids aged 7 and over and for 4-18 players. The aim if the game is to raw a picture, and have your team-mate try to guess what it is. But while you are drawing the picture, you have to wear the silly glasses that have special lens in that make everything look all weird and wobbly. I found that I could see quite well with the glasses on and understand what was being drawn, but my kids found this really tricky and really have some fun playing this game.

Aaron found it the hardest as he is only 5 and couldn’t read most of the words on the game cards.








Sort It Out

This game is suitable for kids over 8 years old and for 2-4 players. The aim if the game it to have a little board that you put your coloured squares in order. So you would read a card, and for example it would say ‘Put these animals in order of height’ Biggest to smallest. Then you would but the 5 different animals in order using the colour code next to them.

The great thing about this game it that more than 4 people can play it. We just wrote the colour down on 5 pieces of paper and just rearranged them. So you could easier add more players if you want. And even though it is for ages 8 and over, Caitlin and Aaron, who were 5 and 6, loved this too. Because they can just have a guess and sometimes they even won.

This is the mini game version of it, but we love it so much we are going to buy the full size game too.




5 Second Rule

Suitable for ages 8 and over and for 2 or more players. With this game you have to answer the question within 5 seconds. The questions are easy like ‘Name 3 animals that Jump’ or ‘Name 3 girls names beginning with L’. Easy peasy. Or so you would think. But when you only have 5 seconds to answer, often my mind would go blank. Caitlin was the best at this game, but Aaron hated it. It’s a good game, but tricky if you’re not very fast at thinking







Suitable for ages 12 and over and 2-4 players or teams. I love watching Pointless on TV so was really excited about this game. We first tried playing it with my sister and her partner and my mum and dad, after we had a few drinks at a family BBQ. Not a good idea. No one could understand what to do, the questions where to hard for everyone. I found the questions ok, but that’s because I really love this kind of game. I think it would be best to play it when ever one is sober. I wish this was available to play with just one player, as i really love it.








This game I actually one on another bloggers giveaway.It’s for ages 14 and over and for 2 teams. The aim of the game is to read a word out and the other team have to guess the correct meaning of the word from the 3 different choices. these are all real words, but you may not of heard of any. Can also play with the kids and they just guess the answer, but they did get bored quickly.






Christmas Surprises

This Orchard Toys game is suitable for kids aged 3-6 years and for 2-4 players. We received this game last year to review, but have just got it back out to play with again now Christmas is coming up.  This game can be played on both sides. Either with different colours or with shapes. With the shape side you take it in turns to collect all you presents to put in Santa sack. And at the end of the game you can turn all the presents over and see which toys you received from Santa.’s




Which one of these games to you like the most? Do you ever have a family games night?

We love playing all sorts of games, but our family favourite is one that we bought from the charity shop for £1.99. It’s called Agitation, but it’s basically the old classic game of Ludo.


family board game night


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