My Dream Bedroom – Pink, White & Grey

When I first moved into my house, 10 years ago now, all the walls in every room where the same. Magnolia. The first rooms I decorated where by son’s room who was only 1 years old back then and the bathroom. Then we saved up some money and gave the living room a complete makeover. I hated my bedroom and wanted it to look more girly. But money was very tight, so I just bought some pink paint and did a rush job on it. The pink is a bit bright and I wish I got a lighter shade now. I am determined to make my room look beautiful, as I do spend a lot of time in there (trying to hide from the kids). So I have decided that next year I am doing it all. The walls, the carpet, curtains and all the little bits and bobs too.

My favourite colours are the same as my blog colour theme, pale pink, white and grey. And these are the colours I would love to do my room in. I have been searching the internet and found absolutely loads of things that I would like for my bedroom, but I have tried to narrow it down and made a little mood board of my favourites.

My dream Bedroom - pink, white and grey



So here’s a break down of everything I would love in my bedroom.


Plain white duvet cover – I like to have a plain duvet cover and then add a bit of colour with throws and pillows. The bedding has to be high quality cotton and nice and soft.

Then add a big textured grey throw blanket to set the bed off. I would then add some white silk pillows for a bit of luxury and a pink fox cushion to add a bit of fun and colour. And I think the cute matching pink fox rug is a must to go with the cushion.

I have quite a few things in my bedroom as I am a bit of a hoarder, so I need lot’s of pretty storage. I love the look of white wicker baskets and I think this paper rope basket is so pretty.

To make my room look cosy I like to use lights and candles. I really love both the white wicker heart string lights to place around my headboard and the paper twine heart light next to my bed. I love all candles, especially one that give out a lovely smell. The grey and white candle is amber flavoured with hints of black orchid and lily and the white frosted heart candle holder is great to hold your favourite candle.

Everyone one needs flowers in their bedroom, but fresh ones can be expensive as they don’t last very long, so I like to get fake flowers that look real. These pale pink flowers in a glass vase are just gorgeous! And the pink vase is just perfect either on its own or with a single flower in.

And it’s always nice to have something pretty to look at, and I really love this cute elephant figurine.  And you need to have a photo of your family and loved ones closed by. This white rose heart frame is so pretty and will look lovely in my bedroom.

And to finish the look off I would add this grey alarm clock. I hate mornings and always need an alarm to wake me up.


So there you go. My favourite things for my dream bedroom. Which items do you like the most?


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