Since my youngest son Aaron, started year 1 at school, I have had nothing but behaviour problems with him. Almost, everyday when I go to pick him up from school, one of the teachers wants a word with me. He has either been refusing to do his work, hiding under tables, trying to run off out of school, hurting the other children, damaging property, the list is endless. He had a few moments like this last year when he was in reception, but since being in year 1 things have just been getting worse.

The strange thing is, he isn’t that bad at home. He will have his moments and he is harder to look after then my other two children, but the main problem is at school, partially at lunch time. The school have got that fed up with him that if it continues they want me to take him home for his dinner. Which I don’t want that to happen as I think he’ll enjoy coming home for his dinner, which is only going to make him act up more, so that gets what he wants.




Could he have ADHD?

I have had it mentioned to me that he my have ADHD or even ODD. And one of the teachers as asked me to take him to the doctors to get referred to the hospital. But this same teacher also thinks my daughter, Caitlin, who is in year 2, may have autism. I am not too sure about this myself. But the teacher thinks she displays all the signs of autism in girls. At the moment I am not too concerned about Caitlin, it’s mainly Aaron’s behaviour that does.

He often hurts other children at lunch time, but he sees it has that he is just playing a game, but gets a bit rough and carried away. Today My sister took her 2 kids to school, and overheard someone talking about her son getting hit all the time and she is fed up with it. And when she saw my sister behind her, she went all quite. Her son is in Aaron’s class, and I think it was Aaron she was talking about. But this isn’t the first time I have heard of parents complaining about Aaron and what is worse is that it is getting more frequent. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

I really hate it that people are talking about my son like this, I mean, he is only 5 years old. I often feel I am failing as a parent and everyone is judging me. So, my next step it to go and see the doctor and then take it from there. I am trying my best, but it is so hard, when he’s not acting like this at home. I just wish people would stop judging.


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2 comments on “Has My Son Got Behaviour Problems?”

  1. Try not to worry about other people judging you. Unfortunately you can’t change some people. We have found this with our eldest who is autistic. Just know that you are doing the best you can. x

  2. My boy has recently had an autistic diagnosis so I know where you’re coming from. School is absolute hell for him, he hates it. I think you’ve done the best thing going to the docs with him. I hope you’ve made progress since writing this. Amy x

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