A while ago i was asked if I would like to review some jewellery from Happiness Boutique. I love simple, delicate pieces of jewellery. I don’t really like big and bold statement pieces. happiness boutique have perfect jewellery for me that I really love. But if you are a statement piece kinda girl, then they have something for you too. I choose two items, the Heart of Gold bracelet and the Lovers Gift ring in silver.

The jewellery arrived in a pretty gift box and wrapped in pretty patterned tissue paper.



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The heart of gold bracelet is a beautiful black heart on a gold chain, which is adjustable. It costs £16.95 and is just gorgeous! I really love this bracelet so much and I just love the simple, yet absolutely stunning design. This bracelet is great to wear everyday or when you go out dressed up. Because the heart is black, it will go with any outfit. I can’t say enough about this bracelet, it’s the best bracelet I have ever owned. I just love it!


Heart of gold from Happiness Boutique



The second piece I choose was the Lover’s Gift ring. This is made from copper and is silver plated and costs £14.40. I don’t normally wear rings apart from my wedding ring and wedding gown. But I really love the simple and elegant design of this. And its open at the back, so adjustable too, which is definitely a plus in my books.


Lover's Heart ring in silver - Happiness boutique



I really love both of these items and can’t say which one I like more. I love that they look really well-worn together, a very modern contemporary look.

Both of these would make excellent Christmas gifts. And the price wound break your bank either. They look a lot more expensive than what the are. I would highly recommend both these items.



beautiful jewellery from Happiness Boutique


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I was gifted these items in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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