10 Fab Christmas Advent Calendars!

One of the best things about Christmas i think is the build up to it. It’s just so exciting waiting for the big day to come. Listening to Christmas songs, eating mince pies and best of all, opening our advent calendars everyday. When I was little me and my sister got a cheap chocolate advent which cost £1 and had a little chocolate behind each window. And that is what I have been getting my 3 kids. Until last year. We tried out a Playmobil Advent Calendar and my kids really loved it. It did cost a lot more than the cheap £1 chocolate ones, but it can be played with all year!

If you go shopping there are so many different types of advent calendars now, and these are not just for children. There are loads of different kinds of adult advents to. There are craft beers, make up, candles and I have even seen a sock advent calendar. So today I am sharing with you 10 fab advent calendars.


advent calendars 2016



Wine Advent Calendar

£69.99 from Virgin Wines

24 bottles of Red, White, Prosecco and even a festive Port. Each bottle is around 200ml, enough for a nice glass of wine everyday until Christmas. This is perfect for any wine drinks, but hurry, this is limited edition and will sell out fast. Also Free delivery.






Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar

£24.00 from Godiva

This a luxury chocolate advent filled with 25 chocs, so you get one on Christmas day too. It contains caramels, pralines, ganache, white, milk and dark chocolates. I have tried two of these so far and they were both really nice.




Personalised Activity Advent Calendar

£14.99 from Find Me a Gift

This is a fun activity filled advent for the kids. And it can be personalised with your child’s name and also a special message. There are songs to sing, pictures to colour, word-searches to do and more. With  fun fact on every page too!






Mad Beauty Advent Calendar

£19.99 from Find Me a Gift

This contains 24 windows will cute make up items. includes lipsticks, lipglosses, nail varnishes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip liner, blush, brushes, nail fails, and some nail stickers. This would be perfect for teenagers.







Make Your Own Fabric Advent Calendar

£8.50-£12.00 from The Makery

This is a great advent if you want to make your own from scratch. You can buy just the advent fabric or the kit which contains felt baking to make the calendar a bit more solid. The fabric is really gorgeous with cute little winter animals and come will full instructions to make it.






Hotel Chocolate Advent Calendar

£12.50 from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is my favourite chocolate brand, they are just so yummy. These advent calendars come in a choose of milk, white, dark or caramel. I got this white chocolate one for my husband as white is his favourite. The chocolates are shaped like little penguins, reindeer, snowmen etc.





Hanging Snowman Advent Calendar

£6.99 from Born Gifted

I love this cute snowman advent that doubles up as a great Christmas decoration. He is made from MDF board with hessian. Just move his nose everyday to point to how many sleeps are left! A great advent that can be used year after year.




Itty Bittys Handmade Advent Calendar

£6.00 each from Hallmark

These cute little Hallmark Itty Bitty’s plush toys are a great idea to make your own advent calendar with. Simply buy some cute little paper bags and stickers and put one Itty Bitty in each one. There are loads to choose from – Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, Snoopy, Superheros, Scooby Doo plus more! I think this is a really great idea and my kids are really going to love this.




Pakkekalendar Advent Calendar

£3.00 from Flying Tiger

Here’s another one that is make your own. This is an empty advent calendar for you to add your own items too. Watch window space is quite big, with number 24 being a double space. Flying Tiger sent me some of their sample items, which would be perfect to include. A snow-globe, mini packs of cards, a cactus eraser, man shaped paperclips and a little game.




12 Days of Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar

£10.99 from Find Me a Gift

Another one that is great for teenagers and women. This one has 12 windows that contains hand cream, body lotion, bath slats, lip balms, bath fizzer, body wash etc.






Playmobil Advent Calendar

£19.99 from Playmobil

And here’s a bonus advent. The Playmobil advents are fantastic and there are 6 different ones to choose from. The best thing about these is your kids can play with them all year through. You can see my full review of this Playmobil Advent here




So there you go, 10 Christmas Advent Calendar plus one more!

Which one is your favourite advent? Do you have a special one this year? let me know in the comments

Oh and here’s a video of me playing with the advents and opening a few windows




10 Christmas Advent Calendars

Contains pr samples


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