Playmobil Hospital Range Review #PlaymobilPlayologist

We received our next bundle of Playmobil goodies. This time they were items from the PLAYMOBIL Hospital range. We got the Emergency Medical Helicopter and Doctor with Child set. I got these items out when the kids where still at school, mainly because I am a big kid and couldn’t wait.






The helicopter was really easy to put together and I would imagine that both my youngest kids (5 & 6) could assemble this by themselves. I think the only tricky part was putting the stickers on straight as can be a little bit fiddly. The helicopter as a door on each side and also opens up at the back to slide the stretcher in. The cockpit window also opens up and there is space for 2 figures who also have their own helicopter controls. It comes with 3 figures, a pilot, a doctor and a child patient. The child comes with leg, arm and head bandages and can be placed in the stretcher. The Doctor also come with his medical bag.


Playmobil hospital range review on Serenity You

Playmobil hospital range review on Serenity You






The Doctor and Child set come with a Doctor and child figures (obvs!) along with a wheeled hospital bed with blanket cover. The boys has head, arm and leg bandages as well as a crutch to help him walk around. And of course the little boy need to bring his favourite toy with him, so there is a little doll. And we mustn’t forget his slipper for when he is back on his feet. I love these so much, as they actually fit and just look so cute. There is a rip on a stand that can click on the the boys wrist to give him his medicine. The set also comes with a little bin and the Doctors has her stethoscope.


Playmobil hospital range review on Serenity You


Playmobil hospital range review on Serenity You

You can also see my little video of the items below



Like I mentioned in the video The only thing that I would change or would have loved to seen would be a winch added to the bottom of the helicopter so it can pick up the stretcher and carry it.

I am really loving both of these sets and I love all the Playmobil hospital range. The Emergency medical Helicopter is priced at £26.99 and the Doctor and Child set is £8.99. There are other fun set in this range and prices start from £4.99. PLAYMOBIL are top manufacturer within preschool and make perfect Christmas gifts.

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Back in June I mentioned in a post that Playmobil was going to make it’s very first license products – Ghostbusters. They have also just announced that in Autumn 2107 they will be bring more licensed sets out. Yes, they have teamed up with DreamWorks Animation and will be releasing some How to Train Your Dragon Playsets. I cant’ wait to see these!


I received the above toys for being a Playmobil Playologist. All opinions are mine



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  1. Thank you for the great review. My son adores playmobil and has loads of it. My son has autism and dyspraxia so always found Lego tricky as it would just come apart as quick as he put it together but we found playmobil so much better for him, it’s so sturdy. He also hates waiting to play with the toy so found playmobil he was waiting much less before he could play with it. This looks a great set and will be added to his Xmas list,

  2. My nephew has been eyeing this up for ages
    Will treat him for the summer holidays as I’ll have him most of the time -great way to keep him OFF his gadgets