Num Noms Series 2 Freezie Pack

My daughter Caitlin love Num Noms and now has quite the collection. We even got invited to a Num Nom event that was held at Bella Italia back in August. The Num Noms are now in to their second series and this time we got to sample the Freezie Pops Family. This pack contains 5 Num Freezie pops and 2 Noms and also a mystery Num Nom.





Watch the video below of Caitlin and Aaron opening the Num Noms pack and telling you what they think off them.



And here they all are:




The white one is from the mystery pack and is a little ball of sushi rice.





Caitlin and Aaron love to have competitions between themselves to see how can stack theirs the highest without it falling over. I think so far, the winner has been Caitlin with one Nom and 5 Nums.

I really like the little cheeky smile on the orange Num Nom.





This Num Nom pack is priced at RRP £14.99, but prices start from £2.99. You can buy them from Smyths, Argos, Toys’r’us, The Entertainer and Amazon

Please Note : There is currently 25% off at The Entertainer!


You can also find Num Noms on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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We received the above pack of Num Noms in return for this post. All opinions are mine




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