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Have you seen the Netflix series Project MC2? We don’t have Netflix, but my mum does. So Caitlin (6) loves to watch this programme when we go to her house. The TV programme focus on a group of friends that love science, math, technology, art and engineering and love doing cool experiments. There are two new girls that have just joined the group, meaning 2 more brand new dolls. Yes, there are now 6 Project MC2 dolls to collect. We already have one of the Bryden dolls with came with a light up bracelet experiment. Caitlin did want to receive the new Ember doll. But we got Bryden again. But she has a different outfit and a brand new experiment to try out.

The experiment that came with this doll was the ‘Make your own panda speaker’.




I love the cute backpack and the patchwork quilted coat!





The panda speaker experiment is supposed to use an apple slice to make the speaker work. You need to connect the speaker to your phone or mp3 player with the cable provided, and o make the connection so the panda speaker works you need to place a piece of fruit or veg, or something that as a high water content in it.

We never had any apples in the house so we thought we would try out a yummy, picked onion. And it worked. meaning that pickled onions conduct electricity.






The other dolls and experiment are priced at RRP £24.99 and you can choose from:


McKeyla’s Glitter Light Bulb

The show’s main character comes with her own glitter light bulb experiment – that shows how simple tap water can actually conduct electricity. Mix water and food colouring, add glitter and glycerine and watch as it really lights up!

Adrienne’s Bath Fizz

Culinary chemist Adrienne teaches children how to make their own bath bomb in this innovative kit. Using citric acid (because it is a solid) and baking soda – plus optional ingredients such as glitter, sprinkles and food colouring – in the mould provided. Guaranteed to make your bath more fun!

Bryden’s Panda Speaker

Tech genius Bryden comes with a Panda speaker – you just have to complete the electrical circuit to make the music play. Feed an apple slice to the panda to play your favourite song!

Devon’s Puffy Paint

One of the new members, Devon teaches you how to mix household ingredients such as flour, water and salt to make ‘puffy paint.’ The salt forms crystals when the paint dries (to make it sparkly) and the process of the water evaporating makes it appear ‘puffy’.

Ember’s Garden

Learn about the science of gardening with Ember’s Terrarium (an aquarium for plants). Add rocks, soil and seeds to see the water cycle in action and learn why it is essential to plant life.




And you can win your very own Bryden doll with the panda speaker! just enter via the rafflecopter below. all entries are optional, but remember that the more you enter the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open to the UK only and will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday October 2016. good luck.

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I received the above Bryden doll in return for this post. All options are mine



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