Have you seen the Netflix series Project MC2? We don’t have Netflix, but my mum does. So Caitlin (6) loves to watch this programme when we go to her house. The TV programme focus on a group of friends that love science, math, technology, art and engineering and love doing cool experiments. There are two new girls that have just joined the group, meaning 2 more brand new dolls. Yes, there are now 6 Project MC2 dolls to collect. We already have one of the Bryden dolls with came with a light up bracelet experiment. Caitlin did want to receive the new Ember doll. But we got Bryden again. But she has a different outfit and a brand new experiment to try out.

The experiment that came with this doll was the ‘Make your own panda speaker’.




I love the cute backpack and the patchwork quilted coat!





The panda speaker experiment is supposed to use an apple slice to make the speaker work. You need to connect the speaker to your phone or mp3 player with the cable provided, and o make the connection so the panda speaker works you need to place a piece of fruit or veg, or something that as a high water content in it.

We never had any apples in the house so we thought we would try out a yummy, picked onion. And it worked. meaning that pickled onions conduct electricity.






The other dolls and experiment are priced at RRP £24.99 and you can choose from:


McKeyla’s Glitter Light Bulb

The show’s main character comes with her own glitter light bulb experiment – that shows how simple tap water can actually conduct electricity. Mix water and food colouring, add glitter and glycerine and watch as it really lights up!

Adrienne’s Bath Fizz

Culinary chemist Adrienne teaches children how to make their own bath bomb in this innovative kit. Using citric acid (because it is a solid) and baking soda – plus optional ingredients such as glitter, sprinkles and food colouring – in the mould provided. Guaranteed to make your bath more fun!

Bryden’s Panda Speaker

Tech genius Bryden comes with a Panda speaker – you just have to complete the electrical circuit to make the music play. Feed an apple slice to the panda to play your favourite song!

Devon’s Puffy Paint

One of the new members, Devon teaches you how to mix household ingredients such as flour, water and salt to make ‘puffy paint.’ The salt forms crystals when the paint dries (to make it sparkly) and the process of the water evaporating makes it appear ‘puffy’.

Ember’s Garden

Learn about the science of gardening with Ember’s Terrarium (an aquarium for plants). Add rocks, soil and seeds to see the water cycle in action and learn why it is essential to plant life.




And you can win your very own Bryden doll with the panda speaker! just enter via the rafflecopter below. all entries are optional, but remember that the more you enter the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open to the UK only and will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday October 2016. good luck.

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  1. 1. Fill a bottle up with about one inch of warm water.
    ( When yeast is cold or dry the micro organisms are resting.)
    2. Add all of a yeast packet and gently swirl the bottle a few seconds.
    (As the yeast dissolves, it becomes active – it comes to life! Don’t bother looking for movement, yeast is a microscopic fungus organism.)
    3. Add some sugar and swirl it around some more.
    Like people, yeast needs energy (food) to be active, so we will give it sugar. Now the yeast is “eating!”

    4. Blow up the balloon a few times to stretch it out then place the neck of the balloon over the neck of the bottle.
    5. Let the bottle sit in a warm place for about 20 minutes
    If all goes well the balloon will begin to inflate!

    It’s simple to do, doesn’t need lots of chemicals but is still Quite Interseting.

  2. I love experimenting with the kids in the kitchen, mixing different cupboard ingredients together & seeing what happens

  3. We love making volcanoes – we make a volcano out of paper mache and cardboard, add vinegar, bicarb and food colouring (red) – looks fab

  4. The Panda speaker is my favorite. My daughter just wrote all of these on her Christmas wish list…and pandas are her fave too! This would send her over the moon :).

  5. This is one I did with my daughter just before she was 4. Make a circle of Skittles on a plate. Put some water in the center of the plate. It will cause the colors to run off the Skittles and make a design. Eat the candy after and talk about if the taste has changed.

  6. Ah! Where have I been and why didn’t I know about these dolls! I love the idea that they are interactive with a science experiment. Props to you for coming up with a pickled onion! I think these dolls would make Little Buttons Christmas list. Thanks so much for sharing with the #DreamTeam x
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted…#DreamTeam Linky 24My Profile

  7. What a great doll! We don’t have Netflix so haven’t seen the programme but I don’t think that’ll deter my girl from enjoying these dolls because of what they can do! I love that these are interactive and doing something practical – I do like the idea of looking at which fruits & veg can conduct electricity!!
    Fab review
    tracey at Mummyshire recently posted…Hatchimals Toy Review -#TriedTestedMy Profile

  8. Oh wow these look and sound fantastic! I love the sound of the doll with the bath bomb, that would be a cool experiment to learn. My favourite experiment I ever did was at school making rainbow fizz, I can’t remember how I did it but the effects were really good. #Totallytoys
    Kat recently posted…Things I Need (Want) For #Blogfest16My Profile

  9. Not to dry at home. My teenager son actually did it on our kitchen worktop. Spray some deodorant on the surface and light it up with lighter. A lot of colourful light. Just light it off quickly afterwards. But not recommended to do it. I must precise.

  10. We love experiments, Our favourite one has to be the making blobs in a bottle! It is so much fun and pretty cool, It’s basically water, oil and food colouring! 🙂

  11. i used to love experiments with the Bunsen burners at school – not sure of they allow them these days with all the health and safety regulations !

  12. We used to do an experiment of school with a bunsen burner and this special metal that when it burned it was so bright you weren’t meant to look right at it which I always thought was kind of cool. I can’t rememeber what the metal was called though?

  13. we love experimenting with our food and adding ingrdients to cakes, pasta dishes and biscuits to see if they taste better!!

  14. we have done bubbles liquid with a bunsen burner in the kids school to make a quick burst of flame that quickly dissapears

  15. I love experiments using different ways to change the colour of things like paper etc.

    Very useful and entertaining for art projects eg. Mix a teaspoonful of turmeric or surgical spirit. (Be careful it stains)

    Dip blotting paper into this or paint the blotting paper with it. Leave to dry on some paper.

    When it has dried completely dip it into a spoonful of soda crystals dissolved in water and it will go brick red. Dip it into vinegar and it goes back to yellow again

  16. I have a 4 year old who gets super excited about experiments. She had a great time on a hot day in summer with a bucket of water, seeing what floated and sunk of lots of household items. I hadn’t heard of this show but will certainly be watching it with my daughter now!

  17. A great way to introduce children into experimenting is using cornflour and stirring in some water and adding some food colouring which makes a gloopy, slime like mixture. My children were amazed that when they applied pressure to the mixture it appeared to be solid.

  18. The puffy paint experiment sounds fun! I loved the H2o experiment shown on QI ! where it foamed everywhere that was very funny

  19. We love making an exploding fountain by adding Mentos mints to a large bottle of Diet Coke – the result is fantastic!

  20. My favourite and my girls favourite is the coke and mentos experiment. It’s put my daughter right off coke, but she loved watching it fly up in the air.

  21. We’re just starting out with our experiments, but currently I like to mix water with cornflour and see the different consistencies it makes. It’s even better if you add colour and glitter. It’s fascinating how it can be both liquid and solid.

  22. My daughter is in the science club at school, she’s just learnt about growing crystals, all of her Christmas list contains these dolls and science toys. She loves watching it on Netflix too. Great prize!!

  23. We love doing the skittles + M&M’s diffusion experiment. It’s really fun and helps to lay down the foundations for cell movement really early on! ALl you need are skittles or M&M’s in a little saucer or dish and then slowly add water and watch the magic happen!

  24. My granddad taught me how to stick money to a door when I was little and I have shared this with my kids and many others….. but its a secret! hahaha
    Actually all you do is: take a sharp knife and cut 4 grooves on the side of the coin – this will make little claws that will catch the paint and stay on the door when clicked on. Dont tell the kids and have them foxed!

  25. Methane bubbles experiment! I get the kids to place the methane bubbles on their hands and I light them so they go up in flames. Very exciting even one for the adults as well!!

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