I love Halloween and I am glad that it is getting more popular each year. I used to love going trick or treating when I was little, but less than half the houses we went to would give us a little treat. But now when I take my kids out treat or treating on Halloween night, nearly all the house have some kind of decorations up. As a rule, we only go to the houses with decorations as usually the ones with no decs up don’t want to be disturbed. And also that the elderly don’t really like kids knocking on their door in scary costumes when it’s dark outside.

I have made a little round-up of some really fun and scary Halloween bits and bobs that you must get this year. Take a look.







Funky Spider Mix & Match Decorations

These are just so cute and lovely for the kids to make and hang up before the big night. And they are really easy to make so even toddler can do them too. You can also see some more Baker Ross the kids did here

Baker Ross – £2.99



Halloween Treat Buckets

We buy these every year as they are only 50p and fit a lot in too. And because the come in 3 different colours my kids each get to have a different one so there is no mixing up who got what

Wilkos – 50p



Ghost Vodka

If your having an adult Halloween party you need to make sure there is plenty of drinks and this Ghost Vodka in silver is just perfect for the occasion.

31Dover – £29.95




Ghost Story Dice

There’s nothing like telling a good ghost story on Halloween. And you can make up your own ghost stories with these fun dice.

Laurence King – £9.95


Midnight Creature Book

This pop up book is perfect for the dark nights. Just use a torch to find the midnight creatures shining on your walls with this pop up shadow search book.

Laurence King – £15.95


Day of The Dead Biscuits

These scary Day of the Dead biscuits come in their own Day of the Dead tin. There are 12 biscuits in totally and would make great Halloween treats

Biscuiteers – £39.50




Witches Brew Yankee Candle

I love lighting my candles now the days are getting darker and it’s always fun to have a scary looking candle burning on Halloween. This one would do me nicely.

Yankee Candle – £18.99




Halloween Boo Bodysuit

It’s great to get the whole family involved with Halloween and babies just look so adorable dressed up. This bodysuit will have everybody cooing over them.

My 1st Years – £12.00




Halloween Owl with Light Up Eyes

Now normally I love owls and how super cute there are, but when I saw this, it freaked me out. The red eyes light up and it just stares at you like it wants to peck your eyes out. A perfect Halloween decor item

Sainsbury’s – £8.00




Pumpkin Print Halloween Bodycon Dress

If you don’t like dressing up in full Halloween costume, but don’t want to feel under dress, then this Pumpkin Dress will be perfect for you.

NEXT – £12.00

Halloween Backdrops for photography



Chocolate Eyeballs

These have got to be the best Halloween chocolates I have seen! These are made from white and milk chocolate and have a strawberry sauce inside. They come in a pack of 4 but are a lot bigger than they look.

Choc on Choc – £8.99




That’s it for this year. Hope you all have a great Halloween. And let me know in the comments which of these items you like the most.


This post contains some pr samples.

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7 comments on “Halloween 2016 Must Haves”

  1. I would love to sniff the Yankee Candle. Haven’t had any candles for 2 years as we haven’t any safe spots to put them. We’re moving soon though and I’m hoping we will have lots of places they can go 😀 x

  2. I love all of these. I am afraid I was totally geared up for Halloween and had loads of sweets to give out and, would you believe it, nobody called at our house!

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