I have been a Yellow Moon brand ambassador for the last year, but this year I have moved over to their sister company Baker Ross. I am not sure completely what the difference is between these two sites are as things that you order from the Yellow Moon site come in Baker Ross packaging. I will have to find out. I love doing autumn crafts so was excited to see what Baker Ross Autumn & Halloween crafts were inside the box.

You can see the video below of Caitlin and Aaron finding out what was inside.


And here everything is :




We started off with the Halloween crafts. They couldn’t wait to do the Halloween Dotty Sheets. We have had these before in a Easter theme set and the kids really loved them. They are so easy for toddlers to do to and even I enjoyed doing this. Then after doing these it was on to colouring the Day of the Dead Mini colouring bags. The Pom Pom decoration set was a little bit tricky for Caitlin and Aaron and they kept getting the wool all tangled up. So I made these. They do take a little bit of patience, which my kids haven’t got. But the finished product looks really great. They come in a pack of 3 with a spider, pumpkin and bat.






The kids made the Leaf Sand Art and the Motivational Bee Badge Kits by themselves while I was having a bath. I was a bit worried that they were making a right mess as they were both very quite, which is never a good sign. But to my surprise and delight they hardly made any mess at all and did a great job making these. The only down side was that the badge part that is supposed to stick onto the back of the peel had a sticky bit that you peeled of and stuck on, but when the kids tried to peel it off, the whole thing came off. So I had to stick these on myself with a bit of hot glue.




I think the Owl jewel Decoration Kits were my favourite item . I just love owls and thought these were so cute. They come in a pack of 4 and Caitlin and Aaron did 2 each, which I wasn’t too happy with, as I wanted to make one too. But didn’t they come out looking so sweet!?




My second favourite item was the Woodland Foam Stickers. These where just adorable. And they included lot’s of different items. There were foxes, owls, hedgehogs, deer, rabbits, birds, leaves, trees, acorns, pumpkins, conkers and more!

They used the sticker to decorate an old takeaway container and they are using it to store all the Autumn things they can find. So far thy are mostly filled with conkers they have collected on the walk up to school, but there is also an acorn, leaves and twigs in there too.





If you would like to buy some fun crafts items you can see all the Halloween range here and the Autumn range here. And with Halloween just a week away, a lot of the Halloween items are of offer, so go check them out!

Here are all the items we received :


Which was your favourite items? Do you prefer to make Halloween crafts or Autumn crafts?


Baker ross autumn halloween crafts

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs


We received the above items in return for this post. All opinions are mine





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