Have you ever tried doing yoga before? I have in my house using some yoga dvd’s and I found it very relaxing and made me feel much more flexible and less achy. I always seem to be having pain in my neck, shoulders and back which I think is due to bad posture and sitting at my laptop all day. But doing a little bit of yoga each day really helps with my pains and also helps clear my mind. I have never been to a yoga group or had a professional yoga teacher teach me. But I think it’s something I may look into in the future as I think I will find it really beneficial.

I know lot’s of people who do go to yoga classes and one friend of mine went to one the other week and she told me that a few people had to be turned away as too many people turned up for the class and there wasn’t enough room in the building. Apparently, the class is always getting over subscribed and the current teacher is taking on so many class a week that she is looking to have someone help her out. But to be a certified yoga teacher you need to have the right qualifications. And if you are really into yoga you could take some yoga teacher training and become a yoga instructor yourself.




To become a yoga instructor and become certified you need to practice with a registered training school then you can become a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Most people choose to take the 200 hour course to gain their certification. There are different yoga schools around the world that you can attend. There is a great yoga teaching training in Dharamsala where you can spend a month just learning yoga everyday to gain your qualification.

So what is stopping you? If you have a passion for yoga, when not make it more than just a hobby and because a yoga teacher.


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5 comments on “Ever Thought About Taking a Yoga Teacher Training Course?”

  1. Hi Natasha, I really like yoga. This is the better way to become healthier and fit. If you don’t know about yoga, then you should go for classes or take yoga training under any experienced trainer. This is an amazing article that you shared.

  2. Yoga is for everyone. We all find the path on our own. Becoming a yoga teacher can be one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do for yourself and others.

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