If your kids are anything like my kids they love to have clothing with their names on. My kids already have a few item personalised with their names. They have towels, Pyjamas and bags. You can also by items of clothing which you can completely design yourself.  I know my little girl would love a pink t-shirt that read ‘Caitlin is a real princess’ because she really thinks she is.

Another great option is to buy items for your brand. I would love to get some item’s personalised with ‘Serenity You’. Maybe a nice hoodie and a few bags. Fire Label provide a printing service for your brand to make up t-shirts, trousers, bags, caps, aprons plus a lot more.  So If you are thinking about doing this, make sure you have a great logo. Below are some tip on how to make your own logo for your brand.


how to brand your team infographic #PersonalisedStyle


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