Everyone must know by now how much a love a nice cup of tea. I come from a family of tea drinkers. My grandma and grandad used to have around 10 cups a day when I was younger, and still do in fact. But I was never a fan at all back then. The only time I had a cup of tea was to dip my biscuits in, but I never drank any. It wasn’t until after I had my first child at 20 that I started to drink tea. My favourite tea is the everyday builders cup of tea, with 2 sugars and milk. But I have also started to widen my range and now drink quite a few different teas.

The latest teas that I have just been introduced to are Begu tea. These are different from normal teas by the fact that they are made with you in mind and blended for health and lifestyle benefits.




There are 6 different teas in the range.

Nightea Night – A peaceful and relaxing brew to wind down your day

Calm – True tranquillity in a teabag to help you unwind

Appetite – A perfectly satisfying blend to help keep you going through the day

Crave – Give into your cravings and reward yourself with a delicious sweet tea treat

Morning Buzz – A fresh and zesty taste, perfect to wake up to

System Cleanse – Reboot your body

All packs have 28 teabags except the System cleanse which has 14.





These teas are really great and I my favourite was the Calm one followed by the Nightea Night. The calm tea can be made with or with out milks and contains rooibos, peppermint, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flowers, lime flowers and calendula petals. The only tea I wasn’t too keen on was the System Cleanse one. This one is supposed to help clear out and reboot your body and you have a cup every other day after your last meal and before bedtime. I must admit, this tea did help me feel better and got rid of my bloating. I would use again, if I wanted to detox, but not over keen on the flavour.

I also love how the teabags are clear and see through so you can see all the natural healthy ingredients.







Not only are these teas really nice but they help your well-being and health. Begu also have some fantastic food recipes on their website  along with some exercise demonstrations and tips. If you follow the Begu plan you will be feeling much more better inside and out in no time.

And the best thing about these Begu Teas is that they post out worldwide!! So wherever you my live, you wont miss out on trying these out for yourself. And if you would like to try them out for yourself Begu have kindly offered to giveaway the whole set of teas worth £125 to one of my lucky readers.

All you have to do to enter is fill in the rafflecopter widget below. All entries are optional, but the more you enter the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open Worldwide! and will close at 11:59pm (BST – UK) on Tuesday 25th October. Good luck!!

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Best of Worst


I was sent the above packs of teas to in return for this post. All opinions are mine 

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129 comments on “Trying out Begu Teas + Win all 6 packs!”

  1. its my son and hubby that are the big tea drinkers and just usually drink yorkshire tea but i think they would enjoy the night time tea

  2. I think I would definitely like to try the Nightea Night one, as I have some trouble winding down for bed sometimes! I usually drink green tea, either plain or a fruit flavoured one. I started drinking it because it’s meant to be good for your metabolism *blush* but now it’s just habit.

  3. Im tea nutty mad love assam earl grey herbal teas red berrie camonile strawberry and raspberry tea you name it hate ginger though or cinimon lol thanks for a fabulously brilliant giveaway

  4. I love Earl Gray but like the sound of System Cleanse. I don’t drink barely but did on my break to West Wales and eat! Well I ate for Wales is all I am saying! So trying to undo the damage from a very enjoyable holiday, ready to do it all again at Christmas! 😀 xxx @JuJu_Carbo

  5. Night time night or calm would be my selection from this set. I’m a very anxious, nervous person so always interested in ANYTHING that might help that. Teas I drink currently are ur standard everyday use teabags and also green tea and a nice raspberry tea too Dxx

  6. I love my tea too and must admit not been as fussy during this pregnancy! Eek. I love the idea of all the different types with this brand and how they help. I can imagine the morning buzz is good!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  7. I think i’d like the calm one best. I love herbal teas & have far too many to list but i love one that i mix myself using organic liquorice, peppermint, chamomile & lavender

  8. I stopped liking tea after I had surgery but have started drinking it again recently but like it weak (can do if your spoon stands up in it)! I would like to try Crave as I have a problem snacking.

  9. I love all tea although Earl Grey and Lady Grey are my favourites. I’d love to try the Nightea Night tea, I have problems switching off and it may help me sleep.

  10. My favourite tea is English breakfast tea. I think I’d like to try the calm blend of tea best as I suffer terrible from anxiety but cant get any medication for it from the doctor as it would conflict with the other medication I’m on so I’m keen to try anything that will help me to relax x

  11. I LOVE TEA all teas from normal tea (like pg tips) to herbal teas and green teas, and im a huge fan of herbal tea, from anything to strawberry flavour or chamomile and honey to mint tea i try them all, peppermint tea at the moment is one i drink often though i have recently discovered twinning gingerbread green tea which is slowly becoming a favourite of mine. i like most tea companies from twinning to pukka to tea pigs and even traditional tea companies like pg tips tettleys yorkshire tea etc im a huge tea fan.

  12. I normally just have Yorkshire Tea, like the sound of the Nightea Night tea though, no worries about having a cup just before bed then.

  13. So far my favourite tea is Tetley. I haven’t tried Begu Teas as yet. I do like Peppermint Tea etc. I like the sound of all the varieties of Begu Teas, seems one to suit almost every occasion. The “Morning Buzz” sounds nice, zesty :- so sounds Refreshing to me.

  14. I like the usual Tea & green tea plus the occasional white tea, I’ve never tried these before. I like the sound of the Calm one 🙂

  15. depends on the time of day as to what tea we drink , first thing its good old breakfast tea , mid morning a fruit tea , tea time a cup of assam ,

  16. I like chamomile tea, rooibos tea and apple and ginger tea at the moment. The tea I’d most like to try from this prize is Nightea Night – I could do with something to improve my sleep.

  17. My favourite teas are Earl and Lady Grey, I also like standard English breakfast tea and the occasional fruit tea. I would like to try all of these teas especially the Calm as I’m having a very stressful time at work and could do with help to unwind.

  18. I mainly drink breakfast tea and love iced fruit teas, I’d love to try the Nightea Night Tea as I have trouble sleeping

  19. I love mint tea and green tea and earl grey tea. I would like to try all of them but the two I would really like to try are the system cleanse and appetite. Thank you for the chance to win.

  20. I’m a big fan of Earl Grey tea but I love to try different varieties. I think I would like the Calm tea the most, I like to have a calming tea on hand for when I’m stressed out.

  21. I drink green tea every single day because I simply love the aroma.
    I’m also excited to try out the Nightea Night as my husband suffers from insomnia.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  22. I love to drink tea .I usually passed a lot of day time in office and sleep at late night.I think Appetite will be a Good taste for me and it will refresh my mind and body.

  23. I love “normal” tea but also love to ring the changes with herbal mixes, especial ones with lemon & ginger or detox ones – these look fantastic

  24. I love tea and start every day with a weak cup of tea with milk. I can’t abide the drinks machine tea at work, so take milk with me and have Earl Grey during the day as well. For a change I also have green and herbal teas, my favourite being white tea with lemon.

  25. They all sound lovely but the cleanse sounds great and just what I need every so often. Im a big tea drinker and I like variety.

  26. I love mint teas and jasmine tea, but would especially like to try the appetite tea to see if it would help me from snacking/feeling hungry during the day

  27. My favourite tea is probably green tea, and I’d like to try crave from this collection as I hope it would curb my cravings!

  28. It depends what time of day. A builders cup of tea in the morning. Later in the day at the weekend I like Earl Grey with honey. I will have a cup of Chamomile with my dad as its his favourite tea and I have it sometimes at night. If I am feeling a bit icky I will have mint as I have a small patch in my garden as did my nan. I would like to try Nightea Night as any help with getting a good night is always welcome

  29. I like anything fruity/ herbal when it comes to tea, especially if it’s got orange in it. Of the Begu range, I think I would like the Calm tea best

  30. My favourite remains as English Breakfast Tea, so refreshing. I think I would like the Morning Buzz to replace that flat white. 🙂

  31. I love peppermint tea, l find it aids digestion. I would love to try the Morning Buzz tea hopefully it would get me up and alert earlier. I need to be!

  32. Im a breakfast tea girl drink around 20 cups a day so would love to cut down. Happy to try any of the teas but fancy Morning Buzz best x

  33. I love all teas! I’d like to try the Morning Buzz as i find it really hard to ‘wake up’

    thanks for the chance xo

  34. The only tea I drink is regular tetley tea. Would love to try the calm tea…I often return home from work feeling stressed. First thing I do is make a cuppa.

  35. I love fruit teas and always start my day with a cup or two. I also like some herb teas such as mint, and some spice teas such as ginger and lemon. However, I’ve also tried some that I didn’t care for such as nettle and dandelion (shame as I could have got the leaves for nothing!). I don’t like normal tea but do like green tea. Several of the teas in this review sound as if I would enjoy them, I’d especially like to try the “Morning buzz”.

  36. My favourite would be any herbal tea with lemon in the mix (lemon – ginger, lemon – camomile etc). Calm sounds interesting.

  37. I am a breakfast tea fan but my son and partner have a selection of about 20 boxes of different teas. I would like to be more adventurous and try the Calm tea especially after a stressful day at work.

  38. I think appetite, calm and system cleanse would suit me the most. I’m trying to lose weight and reboot my body and as I suffer from anxiety, the Calm tea sounds perfect.

  39. I much prefer tea to coffee I find the calm tea makes for a very relaxing drink before bed (well at least 2 hours before bed!) it tastes divine

  40. I must admit as much as i love a cup of tea i generally only drink ‘normal’ tea or the occasional green tea. I would love to try some new teas, especially love the sound of the Nightea Night and Calm to help wind down of an evening.

  41. I absolutely love pg tips strawberry cupcake flavoured green tea, but I like pretty much all tea 🙂 Would love to try the appetite tea in particular, sounds fab! x

  42. I love English Breakfast tea in the morning to wake me up, but I love a cup of Earl Grey when I get home from work. Nothing nicer than a lovely refreshing cup! I would love to try the Calm tea, as my job is extremely stressful and full-on and it takes me ages to relax and wind down when I get home, so I would love to see if this does the job!

  43. I love to drink green tea. I would like to win Nightea night tea because I don’t have any “light” tea wich I can drink at night

  44. I love a range of teas – from EngIish Breakfast to Ginger to Camomile! I think I’d like the calm tea best from this range 🙂

  45. I do love a proper brew id like to try the morning buzz out of this range as I really struggle in the mornings especally at the minute with the dark mornings

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