It’s that time of the month again when I share with you what I got inside my Degustabox. I have really been enjoying receiving these and can never wait to open them to see what’s inside. Love a nice surprise. Check out the video below of me opening the box with my youngest, Aaron.



And here is what I got in this months box.


August 2016 Degustabox review


degustabox august 2106 - 4


Willy Chase’s Fit Corn

I have never heard of this brand before and I think the name of them is actually quite funny. There are four different flavours to get. I received Apple Cider Vinegar. This popcorn was really nice and I loved the flavour. My husband and kids tried some but none of them liked this. These are priced at £2.19

My overall rating – 


degustabox august 2106 - 6



I received two of these pots, Aromatic Thai Noodles and Moroccan Couscous. I have only tried one of these so far, which was the noodle one. It was spicier than I thought it was going to be but it had a lovely flavour. The noodles where mixed up with pieces of soya protein which gave it a more filling taste. These are quick and easy meal to make on the go, just add boiling water and stir. They also have 50% of your daily vitamins and minerals, which is fab. I little bit pricey though at £2.49 a pot, but a healthy option.

My overall rating – 


degustabox august 2106 - 5


Rakusen’s Snackers

These flame baked crackers come in plain and gluten free versions. They have less than 1% fat and just 7 calories per  a cracker. My kids loved the plain ones but didn’t like the gluten free ones. I too, preferred the plain ones. The gluten free ones where ok, but not as nice. I tried my crackers with the Mango Chutney I also got in this Degustabox (see further down the page) and they were really nice together. These are £1.29 for the plain ones and £1.49 for the gluten free ones.

My overall rating – 


degustabox august 2106 - 3


Dorset Cereals Bircher Muesli.

I prefer granola over muesli, but I couldn’t wait to try out this one because it was raspberry & blackcurrant flavour. I love things with raspberries in so I had high hopes for this. And it tasted really nice. I found the longer I let it soak in my milk the better the flavour got. This is another pricey item at £3.49, but I would buy this again for myself as a treat.

My overall rating – 


degustabox august 2106 - 2


Mahou Cinco Estrellas

I don’t like larger, so gave this to my husband and he still hasn’t got around to trying this yet. So I can’t really tell you what it tastes like. All I can says is that it is from Madrid with 126 years history and it is made with the finest hops and yeast to give it a well balance flavour which lingers in the mouth. It’s priced at £1.20.

My overall rating – 


Get More Multivitamins

Now this drink is a great way to top up on your vitamins. It’s made with spring water, natural flavours and no-added sugar. There are 6 varieties and I received sparkling lemon & lime. This was really lovely!!! just tasted like fresh lemonade. It’s priced at £1.45 and I would definitely buy this one again. It was yummy.

My overall rating – 



This looked so nice. The bottle just looked so appealing. The flavour was sparkling lime and jasmine, which sounded really nice too. But unfortunately, I didn’t like this one. Caitlin (6) tried and spat it out, but Aaron (5) loved it and drank it all.

My overall rating – 


degustabox august 2106 - 1


Clipper Tea

Clipper tea is my favourite brand of everyday tea. I have tried a few other varieties of Clipper but this is the first time I have tried this one. It’s Lime & Ginger g=Green tea. I am not over keen on ginger, I can drink it, but it’s not one I would choice. I am also not a fan of green tea. I know it is supposed to be good for you, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I will continue buying Clipper tea but not this flavour. It’s priced at £1.59 for 20 teabags.

My overall rating – 



If you have watched my unboxing video at the top of this page, you would have seen how excited Aaron was to get these. No one likes Olives in our house, but Aaron said he did. Anyway, after our tea that night he couldn’t wait to try them. He put one in his mouth and straight away spat it right back out. ‘It’s disgusting!’ he shouted. Take it he doesn’t like olives either then. These are £1.00 a bag

My overall rating – 


Tabasco Sauce

I haven’t yet tried this Sweet & Sticky Barbecue sauce yet. Not sure that I will like it but I think my husband will. It’s priced at £1.99 and available from Tesco and Asda.

My overall rating – 


degustabox august 2106 - 7



Last but not least we got 3 items from Geeta’s. A Tikka Curry paste, a Rogan Josh Curry paste and a jar of Mango Chutney. As you may know, my husband is a big fan of curries and actually works in an Indian restaurant. He couldn’t wait to sample the Rogan Josh curry paste. He said it was really nice, one of the best he’s tried. I made a veg curry with the tikka pasta and some coconut milk and it was gorgeous!! Will definitely be buying these again. Big thumbs up! And the mango chutney was really nice too. The right amount of spice and some big chunky pieces of mango. The curry pastes are £1.00 each

My overall rating – 


august 2016 Degustabox review


Right, so that’s everything for this month. What did you think? My favourite items where the curry paste and the Get More drink.

If you would like to try out one of these fab boxes for your self you can. Go to the to order yours. And don’t forget to use my special discount code to get a whooping £7 off your first box. Just enter this code at the checkout : BLDEG15

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I received the above box in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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