Celebrating Kids Achievement.

Everyone loves to be acknowledged when they accomplish something. We all want to know someone sees that we are trying, learning, and growing. This is true for children and adults. However, we adults sometimes forget that the achievements of a child, though they seem minor to us, are major to them. The life of a child is filled with “first-time” experiences, and facing fear head-on. But, the kids that get encouragement, validation, and acknowledgement grow to be self-confident people. The following list is compiled of achievements a child may face every day. While some are tiny, some are huge, and all are important and deserve celebration.

  • Getting all good grades in school
  • Turning in homework assignments on time
  • Making the football or soccer team
  • Making the cheerleader squad
  • Being chosen to act in a play
  • Not arguing with siblings
  • Obeying parents
  • Doing chores without being reminded

It is up to you which of these things merit a celebration party and how long they must accomplish this lists before it begins “Party time”. But, once they have earned it, do it up big! Throw your child a huge celebration. Make it special with a beautiful candy buffet.


The theme of your buffet and party is “Congratulations”! The “Congratulations” banners and table coverings are easy to find. You then have to fill in with the achievement part of the party. If you are celebrating grades, attach big cut-outs of ”A” to hang on your backdrop. Add some winning papers and report cards. Make them fun by adding glitter glue to the grades making them shine. If the celebration is about pulling up the grade in one subject, point that out too. If you are celebrating getting on a team, use pictures of uniforms in the colours of the team. Add some pom-poms, the school mascot and the year. Across the table covering (hanging down in front of the table) attach letters that read “Go Jimmy” (replace with their names). When the celebration is about doing chores on time, keeping up with homework, your theme is about growing up and being responsible. Point out how grown-up and mature they are becoming.





You will need to choose three colours and stay within ranges of those colours. You will buy your candy in bulk. Our go-to supplier for bulk candy is Sweet Services.Com. The candy experts at Sweet Services have the best selection of fresh and ready to ship candy in the country. They also can help with serving jars, scoops, and gift bags. Candy is what they do, so if you have a question, they are the ones to answer it. If you are going to provide candy for those with food allergies, Sweet Services has a special line of sugar -free, peanut free, gluten free, and kosher candy.

You will buy your candy in 5-pound bags, allowing about eight ounces per guest. By displaying your taller jars of candy with a mixture of flavors, guest will take less (as they are getting it all together). You will need about 8 jars of candy or 6 jars and 2 trays. Your centrepiece will be in the middle of the table and the heights of the candy are arranged by placing a dish or box under a jar to rise or lower it. Never make it so high that people have trouble reaching. The beauty of a candy buffet is this, if you run low on a candy, you fill the dish with another candy. Use the trays or lower jars on the front of the table for speciality candy or candy that is individually wrapped. Use foam cones (from the Dollar stores) to poke in suckers and make lollipop trees. Use cotton candy and bowls of marshmallows and pretzels to fill in empty spots,

Use your imagination and you will have the best candy buffet in town and your child will feel loved, smart, and validated.


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4 comments on “Celebrating Kids Achievement”

  1. I love holding children’s parties, so I always do birthdays and one at Halloween. I love searching the internet for great ideas for new games and party food.
    I completely agree with positive reinforcement for children ~ rewarding good behaviour instead of only punishing bad.
    A party for passing exams or gaining a higher level or entry in an afterschool team or activity is a great idea!
    I’m not sure I would throw a party for not arguing with siblings or obeying parents, that seems a little extreme.
    Some good ideas 🙂

  2. wow all those sweets – my children would have a field day but the toothpaste and brushes would come out as soon as they got home!!!

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