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I love having dreams, the more vivid the better. I have never had a nightmare, but I have had a few which felt so real. Some were a bit scary, like the ones I have had of a lion chasing me through my house or all my teeth falling out. I used to keep a dream diary. And every day I would wake up and write down as much detail about my dream as I could remember and then check in my Dream Dictionary to find out what they meant. I found out that being chased by a lion meant that I felt that I wasn’t in control of my life and that my teeth falling out meant I was scared of growing up or change. Which both descriptions was true at the time.

My children sometimes tell me their dreams and they can be really funny. My 6-year-old daughter has currently been telling me about her dreams which seem to feature a lot of princesses and witches. Ian Wallace is a dream analyst and explains how kids dreams are not just down to an over imagination but can also reveal their hopes, desires and fears.

Check out the video below :


So according to Ian Wallace in the video, most 5-7 year old dream about fanatical creatures like elves and goblins, so I guess my daughters dream of nasty witches falls in to this category. And she is trying to understand about laws and hierarchies.

Adjustamatic have started the #DreamExplained campaign with Ian Wallace to help us all understand what our dreams mean. So if you would like to find out more about what your dreams may mean follow the campaign of twitter using the Hashtag #DreamsExplained. You can share your dreams or any thoughts you may have just use the hashtag.

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3 comments on “Ever Wondered What Your Dreams Mean? #DreamsExplained”

  1. I usually have such strange dreams. I had one where i was going up and up and up in a lift and the lift opened and i was floating in the air high up in the sky.. weird.

  2. Such an interesting post 🙂 I have strange dreams fairly regularly and they often predict things that later happen in my waking life. Spooky! x

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