My kids love temporary tattoos, so they there were really excited when these 2 Tattoo Time activity books came through our letterbox. Each book as 64 temporary tattoos and activities book attached in a  fold-able wallet style book. The books have different themes, Caitlin (6) had the Animal one and Aaron (5) had the Monster one.


tattoo time12

tattoo time 11


The tattoos are on one side and the activity pages on the other side. There are loads of different activities across the 40 pages, from colouring, word searches, dot-to-dot and spot the difference. There is plenty to keep the kids entertained. The pages are made from good quality paper and the illustrations are just fab. There is also space on the first page to write your name, so you wont get your’s mixed up with your siblings if you all have the same book.

The tattoos are great too!! Lot’s of fun and silly monsters and some really cute animals to choose from. They are really easy to apply. Simply cut out, peel the backing paper off, place on your arm, leg or forehead. (Caitlin decided she wanted a dolphin right bang in the middle of her forehead. And when it started to faded it looked like a shark eating her eyebrow that she and Aaron thought was so funny). Then cover with a wt flannel. Make sure it is all completely wet through, then remove. And voila. A nice pretty tattoo.


tattoo book Collage 1

tattoo book Collage 2

tattoo book  Collage 3


tattoo time 16


The books are suitable for kids aged 4-7 years, but older kids would love the tattoos too. Caitlin and Aaron had some friends around to play and they all loved the tattoos. The kids loved the tattoos more than the activities, and the tattoos last quite a while if you don’t wash them. As I found out with my kids, as they didn’t want to wash them off.

These books were released in July by Laurence King publishing and are priced at £9.95 each

If you would like to buy these books, I have a special code for all my readers where you can get 35% off of these 2 books.

You can buy the books here :

Just quote code SERENITY30 at the check out

These books will make great gifts and are also great for travelling with.


tattoo time 1



I received the above books in return for this review. All opinions are mine




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23 comments on “Tattoo Time Activity books”

  1. These look so cool. My son and step daughter really love their “tattoos” at the moment. Will have to look into getting these.

  2. These look really good. My 5 year old Amber loves temporary tattoos. It’s her birthday in 2 weeks, so I am going to have a hunt for these xxx

  3. These look lovely – so bright and colourful. All 3 of my children love temporary tattoos – though my youngest gets sad when they come off haha

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