Story Stars are the newest way to read bedtime stories to your children. There are 5 different Story Stars and we received Toby Tales to review. Story Stars work by downloading an app on your smart phone and choosing from a list of stories and songs which ones you would like. Then via bluetooth you transfer the stories to your Story stars toy.


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To start, first you need to have the app downloaded on your phone. A list of compatible devices can be found on their website. Simply check which stories or songs you would like to download to your Story star. Please note, that the story star can only hold so much data. I’d say this is around 20 minutes worth. We managed to download 2 stories, 1 song and 1 short personal message.

You can record your on message or story for your child to listen to. You simply press the red button on the app and talk into your phone and it will record you.


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When you have chosen your stories and are ready to transfer them to your story Star, All you do is press the button on your app then the left button on your story stars belly until the green light comes on.

The transfer time depends on the amount you are putting on, but this roughly took us 10 minutes to complete.


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Once the transfer is finished, your story Star is ready to use. from now on you don’t need you phone. You will only need to use the app again when you want to change the stories that are on your Story star.

To listen to the stories just press the middle button on his tummy. To change to the next story or song, press it again. The little crescent button on the right makes his tummy light up and project pretty patterns and colours on to the ceiling when it is dark. Perfect for little ones at bedtime.


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Even though the Story star is suitable from  18 months old, my 6 year old daughter Caitlin loves him. She loves reading stories before bedtime and this is great and she can lie in bed listening to them with her light off, helping her to drift off to sleep. The Story Stars also have a automatic turn of function, so if your child falls asleep listing to it, you know the batteries won’t get drained.


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Where to buy

Story Stars are available from Amazon, Argos and Smyths for RRP £29.99

There are a total of 5 different Story Stars to collect : Freddie Fable, Kori Story, Toby Tales, Teddi Tales and Luby Lullaby.

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Mookie Toys have also kindly agreed to let me giveaway one of these away to one of my readers.

The winner will win their choice of which one they would like. To enter, just fill out the rafflecopter widget below. All entries are optional, but the more you enter the more chances you have of winning. The giveaway is open to the UK only and closes at 11:59pm on Thursday  September 2016. Good Luck.


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You can find my other giveaways here – and also see where I share them


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I was given the Toby Tales in return for this post. All opinions are mine. Post contains affiliate links 



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148 comments on “Story Stars Toby Tales Toy Review + giveaway”

  1. I would choose Toby Tales and would give this to my 20 month old Poppy for her 2nd birthday. She loves story time – she is non vocal due to health problems, and she is always bringing books to me to read to her.

  2. If i was to win i would have to pick the Freddie Fable for my friends children seen as they would have hours of fun with it.

  3. I’d pick Toby Tales for my son, well actually he picked it himself. I showed him the screen and asked which one was best. After pointing to all of them a few times, I finally managed to get him to just pick one, and it was the monster one! I believe that’s Toby Tales. Lovely prize, thanks for the chance.

  4. I would love to win Kori Story for my god daughter. She would absolutely love this. I wondered if it would be age appropriate but after reading your review and seeing how happy your 6 year old daughter was with it I know this would be great for her! She is having her new room decorated with animals and fairies so I am sure Kori would fit right in!

  5. Would love to win Kori Story, he looks like he has lots of fun on his jungle adventures, would keep my 19 month old entertained as she loves animals.

  6. These are so cute. It’s hard to pick but I think I would pick Teddi Tales if I was the lucky winner. My little white boy would so love this.

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