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Welcome to another of my review round up posts.  This August edition has quite a few things that I tried out. I still have some things that I need to review, but just haven’t had much time with the kids being at home for the school holidays. So they will have to wait until next month, i’m afraid. anyway, on with the reviews.


Dentek Animal Toothbrush Covers

These kids toothbrush covers are just so cute! They come in a range of different animals characters. We received the lion, dog and penguin. The penguin is my favourite, but it’s not on the photo below, as my son took it to his Nanna’s house and forgot to bring it back. So didn’t mange to take a photo of it. These stick to any flat and dry surface with 2 suction cups. To use just slightly open one with your fingers and place your toothbrush in. It was shut by it’s self as you put the brush in. These are great for keeping your toothbrushes nice and clean and stop germs getting on the bristles. These are available to buy from boots

My overall rating – 


animal tooth brush holders


Fenella Smith items

I hadn’t heard of Fenella Smith until I was asked if I would like to see some of her items. I was sent a gorgeous notebook with flamingos and pineapples on. It as 70 blank creamy yellow pages and they are really great thickness and fab quality. The notebook is priced at £8.50 and you can buy it directly from their website or John Lewis. This design is exclusive to John Lewis so you wont find this in any other store that sell Fenella Smith items. I love my stationery, so this notebook is now one of my faves.

The other item was a gorgeous Dachshund jug. I think this is so cute! It’s made from stonewear and is suitable for use in a dishwasher and microwave. But I think it would look fab with a few little flowers in in. This is £18.50 and again, very high quality. It also has a little imprint of a button at the bottom of the handle, which I think is just adorable. And I love buttons so much!! I have jars filled with them.

My overall rating – 


fenella smith items


Dentek Custom Comfort Dental Guard

This is from Dentek, the same brand as the cute animal toothbrush holders. It’s a custom fit guard, so great if other guard don’t fit or are uncomfortable. This helps you to stop grinding your teeth when you are asleep.

My overall rating – 





Natvia is a sugar alternative made from stevia. This has zero calories, yep, note one calorie! It can be used in hot drinks, baking and cooking. Now, I like to have a cup of tea and normally have 1-3 a day. I use 2 teaspoons of sugar in each cup, so all that sugar soon starts to mount up over the week. So I have switched to Natvia instead. I made my first cup of tea as normal and added two teaspoons on Natvia. It wasn’t very nice, it tasted really bitter. I have since found out less is more with this. So I now add just half a teaspoon to one teaspoon in my tea. You can taste the difference compared to sugar, as it’s not really overly sweet. But after a few cups of tea, I stopped noticing. This is great, as since I no don’t use sugar in my tea I have noticed my energy levels pick up and also the spots I used to always get on my chin have cleared up. I haven’t done anything different apart from cut the sugar from my tea, so it must be this.

I also like that it is made from Stevia, which is a plant. So 100% natural. I try to avoid things with artificial sweeteners in such as Aspartame and Acesulfame K. You can buy this from Tesco and Ocado supermarkets and also online at Amazon. You can also get little sachet packs, which are great for putting in your handbag and taking to work of cafe with you.

My overall rating – 





Liquiproof is a unique spray that helps repel liquid, mud and dirt. To use you simply spray the item over the entire surface until damp, then rub it in with a soft brush. Wait for at least 24 hours to allow the spray to work to it’s full ability. I tried this out on my canvas pumps. It did work and when I was out wearing them when it rained, the water didn’t soak through he top like they normally did. You can get different sized bottles and different ones for different things. You can get ones that are suitable to use on sheepskin, leather etc. Prices start from £10.

My overall rating – 


liquiproof protection spray


Ahmad Tea Children’s Tea – Banana & Caramel

This tea from Ahmad Tea is aimed a children, but I think it’s great for adults too. It’s a black tea with banana and caramel flavour. It’s also decaffeinated so that’s why it’s great for kids, or just before bed. You can really taste the banana in ti which I think is lovely. My kids all tried it, but they are not big tea lovers anyway, so didn’t take to it really. Aaron, (5) my youngest did quite like it and as had it a few times. But I think I like it the most. Great before bed. This is priced at £1.99 for a pack of 20 tea bags

My overall rating –  


children's tea banana and caramel



Veeda are tampons, liners and towels made from 100% natural cotton. Unlike others that are made with bleached cotton, pesticides, toxins, viscose rayon, dyes and fragrances. Because these are 100% natural they are not only environmentally friendly but can also help with periods being lighter, less painful and less irritation. I tried the tampons and liners out myself and to be honest didn’t find them any different to my regular ones I use. But the tampons did feel softer. I was expecting that because there natural the price of these would be really high. But to my surprise, they are about the same. with the tampons priced at £1.85 and liners at £2.99. As these feel the same as my normal ones and the price is the same, I think I will be switching to these knowing that these are 100% natural and the ones I currently use aren’t.

My overall rating – 


veeda tampons and liners



Lotil cream is a vegan friendly and helps moisturise and also has an anti-septic properties that helps to prevent infection. I didn’t really like this cream. I found that when you rubbed it in, it would leave your skin quite ‘sticky’. I didn’t like the smell of these either, very musky. This is priced at £3.59 for 50ml and is available to buy from Boots. The only thing I did like about it is that as anti-septic qualities.

My overall rating – 


lotil cream


Outdoor Hands – Skin Therapy Cream

This is a product I received a while ago and forgot about. The Outdoor Hands cream is quite a thick cream, but I wouldn’t say it soaks in really well. But when it does your hand feel really smooth. This is great for those who work outdoor and often get chapped and dry hands. I quite like the smell of this, but couldn’t work out what it smelt of. After looking at the ingredients I think it may be the apricot. This is priced at £6.95 for 100mls. I liked this cream and would use it again, however I have tried ones I like more.

My overall rating – 


skin therapy cream


Natures Well Children’s Multi Vitamins

These children’s vitamins from Natures Well are 100% halal certified. These contain no pork, making them suitable for Muslims and Jewish people. These do contain fish oils, so they are unsuitable for strict vegetarians. These are chew-able tablets aimed at kids and are supposed to be orange and vanilla flavour. But as soon as I opened the lid I knew my kids wouldn’t like them. They smelt really horrible. My kids did try one though, but they all spat them out saying they were disgusting. I couldn’t try one, as I am a vegetation, but the smell of them is enough to put anyone off them. These are priced at £9.95 for a tub of 60 tablets.

My overall rating – 


children's vitamins


Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids

These two new products from the Ambre Solaire kids range are fab! One is the wet skin lotion and the other Anti-sand spray. The wet skin lotion is great if you have kids that are in and out of the pool all day. This can be applied even when their skin is still wet, so no towel drying in between applications. The Anti-sand spray is my favourite. It is easily absorbed and when sand gets on your skin, there is none of that horrible sticking. It just simply wipes off. And it also has a 360 degree spray range, so you can spray upside down and get to all those hard to reach place. Both of these have a factor 50. These are the two best kids sun lotions I have used. They are available from Boots for £7.50 each

My overall rating – 


ambre solaire sun cream


That’s it for this month. Have you tried any of these products yet? Which one do you think you would like the most? Let me know in the comments


Family Fever

All the above items I was sent in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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