Paper Aliens and Paper Robots Review + Giveaway

These are two books with a difference. Paper Aliens and Paper Robots books have 20 different models in each to press out, glue together and play with. There are also 36 press out playing cards in each book that can be played with, like top trumps. The books are published by Ivy Press and are priced at £8.99 each. The P.paper Aliens is designed by Jennifer Bayan and the Paper Robots one is designed by Alexander Gwynne.


paper robots and aliens 1

paper robots and aliens 3


Each page show you either the robot or alien and tell you a little bit about him. What his strengths are, what he likes to eat, his special power etc. All you do is carefully push out the paper model, some are trickier then other, especially the ones with some bits. There is a code to show you whether to fold the part inwards or outwards. After you have folded each line then it’s onto sticking the model together. The book says to use good quality PVA glue, but we found the a bit messy and had to wait a while for each part to dry, so we use good old Pritt stick glue. We found using this glue was a lot easier.

You start by finding the number 1 and gluing that to the other number 1. Then on to number 2, gluing that to number 2 and so on. I did find it easier to stick some tabs all at the same time, if they were really close to each other, or all folded in the same way. I also found one or two mistakes along the way too. one model had a number completely missing and four of another number, but it was obvious that these were not meant to all stick together. So just check what you are sticking before you actually stick it in case there is a printing error.


paper robots and aliens 7

paper robots and aliens 6

paper robots and aliens 4

paper robots and aliens 5


Once the aliens and robots have been made they looks so good, really cool.

The photo below shows 3 aliens at the back and 3 robots at the front.


paper robots and aliens 8

paper robots and aliens 9

paper robots and aliens 10


And at the back of the books are 36 playing card to pop out and play with along with your aliens or robot models.

I really loved these books and they are great fun. They are recommended for children aged 8 years or over. My youngest two loved playing with these, but I had to make the models as they were too fiddly for my 5 and 6-year-old. My 11-year-old could make these easily by himself. But they loved playing the card game and having the models alongside to battle each other.

The books are priced at £8.99 each


If you would love to win yourself a set of these books, then I have a giveaway for you. There will be 2 winners, each winning both books. The giveaway is open to the UK only and will close on Monday 5th September 2016.  Just enter via the rafflecopter widget below. All entries are optional but the more you enter the more chances you have of winning.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I received the above books in return for this post. All options are mine

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