Me and the rest of the family were invited to the Num Noms event being held in Nottingham at Bella Italia. As it takes us an hour to get there by train we thought we would make the most of it and try to do a few other things while we were there.  The Works kindly offered me a £20 voucher to buy some of they goodies with. I love the Works and I have been to the Chesterfield one quite a few times, but this was my first time in the Nottingham one. The Nottingham store is bigger than the Chesterfield one and has more choice of things.


The Works


the works store front Nottingham


I let the kids get £5 worth of stuff each.

Caitlin bought :

  • A Cinderella Book – £1
  • Princess Mega Colouring Book- £1
  • Palace Pets Mega Colouring Book – £1
  • and 2 packs of sweets – £2

Aaron chose:

  • Smart builders – £1
  • Dinosaur noise stick – £1
  • Sweets – £1
  • Crab Pencil Sharpeners – 59p
  • Superman Ball -£1

Ryan Choose:

  • The Concise Human Body – £4
  • Batman Ball – £1

And I got:

  • Letts Workbook aged 3-5 years – £3
  • Letts Workbook aged 6-7 years – £3
  • Gold Stars Workbook aged 9-11 years – £4

So it came to a total of £24.59. The lady at the counter was really nice and help full. She asked me if I would like a loyalty card, which I never knew that they did. She signed me up right there and then and I already have £3 something on my card!!


the works goodies


On to Bella Italia


num noms event - bella italia


After our stop at the works it was time for the Num Noms event to start. As I have only been to Nottingham once before, it took me a while to find Bella Italia, as I let my family around in a circle. But when we finally go there, we was shown to a part near the back where the event was being held. We was met by a lovely lady (I can’t remember her name) who told us a bit about what was going to happen and the different things we could do while we were there.

Obviously the first thing the kids wanted to do was play with the Num Noms. Ryan, 11, thought it was pretty boring, so he sat in the corner with my husband doing his workbook that I had just got him from The Works.

There were loads of Num Noms and Aaron liked playing with the motorised ones and kept making them go all under the tables. There was also 2 Num Noms Vans to play with. I am not sure how much these are, but Caitlin as already asked me to buy her one.


num noms event - 1

num noms event - 3

num noms event - 2

num noms event - num noms stack


Smell test challenge

After playing with the Num Noms they tried the Smell Test challenge. They had to have blindfolds on and guess what the 5 different smells where. They both really enjoyed doing this activity and Caitlin was pleased that she won Aaron by one point. The items were chocolate spread, lemons, mustard, marshmallows and chips!

They both got the chocolate, marshmallows and chips straight away. Aaron thought the lemons were oranges, but Caitlin got this one right. The only one that they didn’t guess was the mustard. This is properly because I don’t think that they have ever tried mustard before. Aaron thought it was honey and Caitlin guessed at vanilla.


num noms event - aaron doing the smell test

num noms event - the smell test lemons

num noms event - smell test - mustard

num noms event - answer sheet


Making Pizzas

Next they painted to get their face painted but before they could it was time to make their very own pizzas. There pizza bases already had the tomato sauce and cheese on they just had to add their own toppings. There was quite a few topping to choose from. Salami, mushrooms, chicken, ham, mince, peppers and olives. Both Caitlin and Aaron both chose chicken and ham for their pizzas. After they were finished, the pizzas where whisked of by the chef to be cooked.


num noms event - pizza making

num noms event - pizza making 3


While they were waiting for their pizzas to cook, there was time to get their faces painted.

Caitlin got very impatient waiting her turn, but the end result was amazing. The face painter did a fantastic job. Caitlin was a butterfly with pretty flowers and Aaron asked to be Spiderman.


num noms event - waiting

num noms event - facepaints

num noms event - caitlins finished face

num noms event - aarons finished face


After they were done, the pizza where ready. Perfect timing!! Both loved eating their own made pizzas and was so proud of them. While the kids where all eating their pizzas, the chef bought out some food for the adult to try. There was feta and pesto flatbread, chicken and rocket (I think) flatbread, lasagna, chips and some side pieces. It was all very yummy. I have never been to a Bella Italia before, but after trying out some of their food, I can’t wait to go back for more.


num noms event - finished pizza

num noms event - caitlin enjoying her pizza

food  Collage


On each table there were some sheets of paper to design your very own Num Noms. Caitlin did a great job designing hers, but Aaron didn’t finish his, so he bought it home with him to complete. The best picture uploaded to social media will win some Num Noms goodies. Caitlin as her heart set on winning these. What do you think to her picture?


num noms event - caitlins num noms


Last but not least the kids all had some ice cream. They chose to have strawberry and blueberry. I never got any ice cream as I thought it was just for the kids, But I saw some of the other bloggers having some. I didn’t want to sound cheeky and ask if I could get some, so I just had a small taste of the kids. It was delicious!!!


num noms event - ice cream


Last but not least

After ice cream and finishing her picture, Caitlin started to get bored. Caitlin kept shouting so that everyone could her how bored she was. She can be really embarrassing at times! But I think the main reason was she could wait to move on to what we had got planned next. The cinema! To watch Finding Dory. We only decided to go to the cinema, as just 3 days before I won 2 Cineworld tickets in Nottingham on the raffle at the East Midlands blog event. I used my Tesco vouchers to buy 3 kids tickets, so basically we went to the cinema for free.

I loved the film Finding Dory and like the saddo I am, I even cried half way through it. My husband and Ryan thought this was hilarious and kept letting everyone know as we walked out. Caitlin and Aaron loved the film too, but my husband did say he thought it was too much like Finding Nemo.

It was a fantastic day out. We all had so much fun and I would like to say thanks to The Works for providing me with a gift voucher and all those at Num Noms and Carousel pr who invited me to the event. And Bella Italia for holding the event in your restaurant

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  1. Wow what a great day out, I used to manage the works store here in Hereford, most of my wages at Christmas went in the shop! – there’s so much choice and such great value to be had.

    What wonderful prizes, fantastic faces and a fun time your kiddies had with the those num noms!

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