July went so fast. I still cant believe we are in August already. A few weeks ago I received my July’s Degustabox. I thought there were quite a lot of drinks in this one, but I didn’t mind, as it was so hot out the week I got this box. But would have been nice to have one alcoholic one though.

See the video clip of me unboxing July 2016 Degustabox and my initial thoughts.



July 2016 degustabox july 2016 1


And here is what I thought of each item:


degustabox july - qcumber


Qcumber Sparkling Spring Water

Ok, I never tried this one as I don’t like cucumber at all. So I let my husband give it ago. All he said was that it is very cucumbery (if that is even a word). That was it! I asked if he liked it and he just said ‘don’t know’. Well, thanks. That was really helpful. Hard to star this one, personally I would give it a zero, only because I don’t like cucumber, but has my husband didn’t say either way, I am going down the middle with a three.

My overall rating – 



degustabox july - itsu seaweed


Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins

I have only ever had seaweed when it’s been inside those Japanese rice crackers, and I really like them, so thought I would like these. Wrong!!! I had one tiny bite and I was nearly sick. These are the most revolting thing I have ever tasted!! They look like thin green rice paper than a crisp. But I didn’t like these at all. It took me ages to get the taste out of my mouth. I don’t think I like seaweed.

My overall rating – 


degustabox july - fruit pastilles


Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Infusions

I don’t eat fruit pastilles as they are not suitable for vegetarians and these where no exception either. So again, my husband and kids tried these. They loved them. My husband said they were really nice and much better then the original fruit pastilles. He has asked me to buy him some of these for our next family movie night.

My overall rating – 



degustabox july - choco leibniz


Bahlsen Choco Leibniz

These are both a biscuit and chocolate in one and you get 2 in a pack. We all love Bahlsen chocolate in our house and these were just so nice. Really nice creamy chocolate and just the right amount of biscuit. Very yummy!!!

My overall rating – 


degustabox july - lattice crisp


Akbar’s Lattice Food Heroes in Chicken Jalfrezi

Even those these are chicken jalfrezi flavour these are suitable for vegetarians, so I got to try some. My husband opened them first and tried them. He liked them but thought they were quite spicy, so he said I wouldn’t like them. But I did like them. They are quite spicy so the kids wouldn’t like these. But I was surprised that I liked them more than my husband, as he is the one who likes spicy food, not me. These are really nice and I really like the lattice shape of them. They also open up on the front, so you can lay them on a table and share them with a friend.

My overall rating – 



degustabox july - sarsons


Sarsons Balsamic Vinegar

I haven’t got around to trying this one yet, but I know I will like it as I just love vinegar. We buy the Malt vinegar of this brand, so I am expecting this to be just as good.

My overall rating – 



degustabox july - gherkins


Felix Sweet Pickled Swedish Gherkins

I have only ever had gherkins when I have been to McDonald’s and had a veggie burger. I love them! But I have never ever bought them. So was quite excited to try these out to see if they taste the same. And they do!! We had some burgers for tea the other day and I added some of these to mine and I loved them. Just like McDonald’s!

My overall rating – 


degustabox july - rejuvenation water


Rejuvenation Water in Apple & Mint

We have had this product before in a previous Degustabox in the same flavour. It is very minty and refreshing.  I could only have a few sips before it became I little overpowering. My husband had the rest. He likes to have it the day after he as been drinking alcohol to wake him up

My overall rating – 


degustabox july - berrywhite


Berrywhite Drinks

We received two of these in the box. One in Sparkling Cranberry & Guava and the other in Sparkling Lemon & Ginger. I quite liked both of these, but the lemon and ginger one was my favourite. Just the right amount of lemon and ginger and not overpowering at all. Would buy this flavour again.

My overall rating –  


degustabox july - alo


Alo Original Exposed

This is a Aloe Vera and Honey flavoured drink and it as pieces of aloe vera leaf floating around in it. This did put me off at first and I thought this would taste disgusting. But I tried a sip and I thought ‘oh this is not too bad’ then I had another sip, then another. And I found myself really liking this drink. It did feel a bit strange drinking the lumps, but they did taste really nice. Even Caitlin liked this and she can be very fussy.

My overall rating – 


degustabox july - brookside chocs


Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry

I was a bit in two minds weather to try this or not, as it contains Shellac. Which is produced from a insect. But the Vegetation Society say it’s ok, so I went ahead and tried one. They taste really nice. But because of the shellac glazing, they are quite sticky. I did really like these and I have them hidden in my bedroom away from the kids.

My overall rating – 



degustabox july - cracker drinks


The Cracker Drinks Co. – Pineapple, Cococnut & Lime Fruit Drink

I have never heard of this brand at all, but this fruit juice is just gorgeous!!! It taste just like a Pina Colada. This is  perfect for sitting in the back garden relaxing and pretending you are on a beach somewhere exotic drinking pina colada cocktails. pure bliss. Oh and it’s also 1 of your 5 a day.

My overall rating – 


degustabox july - jordans muesli


Jordan Swiss Style Muesli

We have Jordan cereals quite often, but normally we have their granola. This is very nice and tastes lovely mixed with fruit and yogurt.

My overall rating – 



july 2016 degustabox july - 3


So that’s it for this month. What was your favourite item? Have you tried any yet? Let me know in the comments


And if you would like to give one of these yummy degustaboxes a try then you can get a whooping £7.00 off your first box.

Just go to Degustabox.com.en and quote code : BLDEG15


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I received the above Degustabox in return for this post. All opinions are mine





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  1. There’s so much that would go to waste in my household from this collection, that’s why I’m so weary of these subscriptions. Also, GHERKINS! They must be the most evil food of all time!!!

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