Yesterday I attended the #EastMidsMeetUp in Leicester. This was the second blog event I have ever been to in my 5 years of blogging. The first one was last year at the Crabtree & Evelyn event. I was really nervous about going, as at the last event I took my sister along, but this time I would be going on my lonesome. There was going to be 39 other bloggers there and I have only met one of them before, and that was only briefly.


full lace wigs


Pre-event Meet Up

A group of bloggers who were attending the event decided to meet up before for a coffee at Bru. I asked if I could tag along because I was really nervous about going and I have never been to Leicester before in my life. I also had no idea where I was going. And I didn’t want to turn up to a room full of bloggers half an hour late. There was 12 of us all together. Most of us met at the train station. When I first arrived there were already two girls standing there, but I wasn’t sure if they were the bloggers or not as I didn’t recognise them. So I stood near them and tried to have a nose at what they was taking about. It wasn’t until another blogger got of the train and went up to them that I realised It was them. I totally looked like a fool.

When we all got together we walked down the road the road to Bru Coffee & Gelato. I decided to have a Vanilla Latte and a slice of Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Some of the girls didn’t think much to peanut butter in general, but I love it. I thought the cheesecake was gorgeous.


#EastMidsMeetUp - cheesecake from Bru


The Girls


Eastmidmeetup 1

From left-right : Out of shot is Becky from Girl Gets Glam, Shani from Shani Coles, Sarah from Sarah Deluxe, Me, Hannah from Hannah International, Charlotte from Shoestring Chic and Amy from Amy Elizabeth Porter


eastmidmeetup 2

Left to right : Amy again, Rebecca from Libfemblog, Lora from Lora Day, Sophie from Sophie’s Notebook and out of shot Leanne from Latte Leanne and just arriving as the photo was being taken was Izzy from A Dose of Chatter

And a big thanks to Amy, who took both the above 2 photos and as let me use them.


On to The Main Event

The main event, #EastMidsMeetUp was being held in a lovely cocktail bar called Manhattan 34. It was really nice in there, with table to sit outside if you wish. The cocktails looked amazing, but I was so busy talking and mingling that I never tried one out for myself. But when we arrived we were greeted by a Lady (didn’t catch her name) from Rothley Wine Estate who gave us all a sample of some delicious wine. I don’t normally like wine, only really, really sweet rose. And the one was really nice. It was a rose called Spirit of Freedom.

We were also given a piece of paper with a random fact about another blogger. And the idea was to get talking to everyone and to find out who the fact belonged to. The fact that I had been given was ‘I have a dog called Malcolm’. Quite a lot of bloggers knew straight away who this belonged to but I didn’t. It turned out it was Lora. I have since seen Malcolm on instagram and he is such a cutie!


#EastMidsMeetUp - manhattan 34


Pr’s and Brands

Two talks given, one from Gabby from Cool As Leicester talking about the right way to work with PR’s and brands. And the other from the ladies from Blogosphere Magazine. I have only just heard of this magazine just a few weeks ago, so was really happy to meet them. I also bought their latest mag to have a read through when I got back home.

Bru – the cafe we went to first, was also their sharing some of their delicious treats and teas.

The two other company’s that were there that I never really got introduced to were Angel Eyes who were providing bloggers with a free lash dye treatment and Danique Hairdressing where straightening and curling hair


#EastMidsMeetUp - coolsleicester

#EastMidsMeetUp - blogosphere mag


PicMonkey Collage


Having a Good Time

Besides meeting all the other fab bloggers, taking to company’s and drinking cocktails, There was a really amazing singer to entertain us. Becky Bruce was really fantastic and sounded absolutely amazing when she sang a Sia song


#EastMidsMeetUp - becky


There was a raffle in aid of Bowel Cancer UK and Rainbows Hospice. Both really great charity’s that are close to my heart. My grandma died from bowel cancer and I have also worked at Rainbows as a volunteer in our local charity shop. And would you believe I won one of the prizes. My lucky number was 86, and it won me 2 tickets to Cineworld in Nottingham. Which is perfect, as we are all going to Nottingham this Tuesday for another blog event. This time it will be for the kids toys Num Noms. So after that we can all go and watch Finding Dory, which is basically next door to where the event is being held.


#EastMidsMeetUp - raffle prize


Goodie Bag

I knew this event we were all going to get a goodie bag to take home with us, but this was not what I was expecting. There where loads of items in it. In fact we all received two bags as there was too much to fit into just the one. I really can’t wait to try out the love hearts hand lotion and the lush soap. The kids couldn’t wait for me to take this photo as they wanted the sweets and Aaron (5) nicked the coconut water as he just loves it!


#EastMidsMeetUp - goodie bag


Overall it was a really fab day and I am so glad that I went. I also want to thank Emmie from Carpe Diem Emmie , Kirstie from Behind the Scent from and Kirsty from Kirsty Ralph for organising the event and all the hard work they have put in to make the event happen.

Really can’t wait for the next blog meet up and also looking forward to the Num Noms event on Tuesday, so look out for that.



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14 comments on “What I got up to at the #EastMidsMeetUp at Leicester”

  1. Lovely blog post! I was so impressed with the goody bags and the brands & speakers that were at the event. The girls organising it did such a great job. Lovely to meet you too!

  2. I glad you had a good time- one day when i have sussed it out I will be a blogger too- got a blog up and running but didn’t know what to do next ! it seems so hard- well done for being so successful

  3. Great post, looks like your hesitation and nerves were unwarranted and when a situation like this arises again, I’m sure the nerves wont get the better of you. Such a lovely way to network

  4. This looked a great event, I saw quite a few photos on Instagram over the weekend of it all. I always get really nervous when I’m going to blogging events hopefully it gets better the more you do it!

  5. It sounds like a really lovely event. It’s nervous going to these things for the first time, but I’ve always found that people are friendly. I hope they have another one, as it’s something I would love to go to

  6. You totally didn’t look like a fool at the station! I was also standing there wondering if you were supposed to be with us but I didn’t approach you…everyone looks different in real life!
    It was lovely to meet you, and I’m glad you enjoyed the day. 🙂 xx

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