Making My Son’s Bed into a Reading Nook with the Clip on Desk Lamp

My eldest son has never been a big lover of books, unlike me. I have always encouraged him to read but he was never really been that bothered. He was more interested in playing football or being on his PlayStation 3. But when he discovered The Dairy of a Wimpy Kid series of books, he actually read the whole book and asked me to get him some more. He now reads these types of books along with Timmy Failure and Norm. But the only time he does like to read is just before he goes to sleep. This is where the problem started. As he is 11 and he shares his bedroom with his 5-year-old brother, they have different bedtimes. When Ryan went up to bed his brother, Aaron, was already asleep. And when Ryan left the light on to read for a bit, it would wake Aaron up.

I had been thinking about getting him a lamp or night-light for him, but couldn’t find any around where I lived. But then Value Lights asked if I would like to review one of their lights and they had a lovely Clip on Desk Lamp that would be just perfect.

We clipped the light onto the bottom of his bed as it was closer to the plug socket. But as the light is flexible, Ryan can adjust it to point directly where he wants the light to shine.


bunk bed lamp 1

bunk bed lamp 2

bunk bed lamp 3


The desk lamp can clip on to desks, tables, shelves or even bunk beds. It’s easy to turn on and off with the inline switch. And at only £11.99 I think it’s a fab light and a great price.

And even though the light is quite bright, which is perfect for Ryan when he reads, The light can be directed as to not shine up and light the whole room up. So Aaron get’s a good night sleep without being disturbed.

And even better, Ryan is reading more! Which I am over the moon about.


bunk bed lamp - Making My Son's Bed into a Reading Nook with the Clip on Desk Lamp

bunk bed lamp - Making My Son's Bed into a Reading Nook with the Clip on Desk Lamp


Do your kids love to read before bed? Do they use a night light?

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I received the above lamp in return for this post. All opinions are mine




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