How To Teach Your Kids To Fight Cyberbullying No Matter Their Age

How To Teach Your Kids To Fight Cyberbullying No Matter Their Age




Cyberbullying can affect us all, no matter how young or old we are. It is ten times easier to bully someone online, than in real life, in fact, 81% of young people think so.

With the internet making cyberbullying more possible and with so many sad and even tragic stories caused by online abuse, raising kids who choose to fight this battle with you, rather than ignore it, is the only way of fighting this social issue in the age of the digital generation.

It takes teaching your kids to think before they act and to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and with the following tips, you can start doing this no matter how young your kids are.

Always turn to an adult

Stats show that only 1 in ten children turn to an adult when they are being cyberbullied. Create a trusting environment for your kids where they can share their problems with you so that they can turn to you when they are being cyberbullied or when they witness someone else being cyberbullied.

Save evidence

Teach your kids to be little detectives by saving any evidence that shows the cyberbully bullying your kid or someone else. This could be a screenshot of a social media post, an email, an audio message or any other form of media that can help stop the cyberbully from doing any more damage.



Put themselves in someone else’s shoes

Instilling empathy in your kids from an early age will help you in raising kids who would not dare to bully someone else. Moreover, kids who put themselves in someone else’s shoes won’t ignore a victim of cyberbullying when they see one. Whether that leads to them reporting the inappropriate post on social media or reaching out to the victim privately, kids who have nurtured empathy won’t ignore cyberbullying as 90% of teens have admitted to doing.

Never share information or inappropriate content online

Regardless of their age, your kids have to be taught that private information and inappropriate photos or videos of themselves should never be shared online. Telephone numbers, emails, addresses or passwords given to strangers for no reason can be risky and they can be used against them as a form of cyberbullying.

This battle is a huge feat and no parent or kid can beat it alone. Cyberbullying is everyone’s fight and as parents, we have a bigger motive to beat it, so that we can avoid seeing our kids going through the horrible experience that is cyberbullying.


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