The Best Flooring for DIYers?


It is always a fantastic feeling when you have the time and money available to rejuvenate the interior design of your home. One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the appearance of your home is to install Engineered Wood flooring. However, I am far from a wood flooring expert and that is why I contacted Luxury Flooring and Furnishings for their help. The advice given has been extremely useful, so I am here to share my recent gain in knowledge.

Engineered flooring has recently become the most popular choice of hardwood flooring throughout the UK due to the durability offered at a cheaper price. The easiest way to explain engineered flooring is that multiple layers of plywood or high density fiberboard are joined together and topped with a veneer of solid wood to replicate the appearance of solid wood flooring. This veneer comes in a variety of thicknesses, allowing some products to be sanded down just as many times as a Solid wood product. It really is an investment for the future with many engineered products having a life expectancy of at least 50 years.

Now if you are similar to me and extremely picky when it comes to interior design, then engineered flooring comes in such a variety shades, species and grades. A darker shade of walnut will give your home a warm and comfy feel where as a rustic oak product will bring the traditional great outdoors into your living room. The construction of engineered wood flooring reduces the risk of your flooring expanding or contracting make it suitable for almost any room in your house, even if humid conditions are frequent.

I totally appreciate that in this day and age many homeowners enjoy DIY. Engineered floors are available with a tongue and groove or a click joining method. The click joining method would be recommended for any DIYers. A click floor allows you to install the product similarly like completing a jigsaw as the edges are click together and placed on top of an adhesive. So if you capable of completing a jigsaw then the installation should be easy enough. If you struggle with DIY then a flooring expert should be able to install your engineered floor within at most a couple of days.

This article was written in collaboration with Luxury Flooring and Furnishings and would be advisable to contact their friendly advice team for any further questions.

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6 comments on “The Best Flooring for DIYers?”

  1. I love wood floors, particularly parquet but the price is astronomical, its great that so many laminate type flooring these days looks so realistic, we’re getting new laminate fitted in our lounge and dining room on Frida, we’ve already got the same in the hall and it looks fab

  2. Engineered flooring is new to me, will definitely consider it when we replace our flooring, you’ve done a fantastic job it looks great x

  3. We have lived here now for nearly 14 years, where does the time go? It was a new house so had all new wool carpets throughout but thay have had a lot of use with grandchildren, cat dog etc and we are now thinking of replacing those on the ground floor, at least, with engineered flooring so your article was of great interest. I shall have to get some quotes!

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