Our June Books

Our June Books

Both me and the kids love to read, especially my little girl, so I have decided to start a monthly post showing you what we have read. All of the books in this months post are ones that I have been sent out to review. But normally a lot are our own or from the local library.


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Animal Doctors

The book is beautifully written by Angie Trius and Mark Doran both doctors in veterinary science and illustrated by Julio Antonio Blasco. It’s a book about how animals heal themselves. There are fun facts about 14 different animals and how they look after themselves with a fun fold-out information panel on how their remedy works for them. The kids really loved this book and even learnt about some new animals they never knew about, like the Blue Jay and the Tegu Lizard. The hardback book is priced at RRP £10.95 and is released today (4th July 2016). The pages are really nice thick quality and the illustrations are great. We really liked this book and it’s a great buy for any animal fans. Buy from Amazon


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The Dinosaur that Pooped the Bed

This is written by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter, which I have only just found out are from the boy band Mcfly. This isn’t the first one of these books we have read. We have also read The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas and The Dinosaur that pooped the Past. My kids love these books and think they are absolutely hilarious. The book is RRP £6.99 and was released last year on 27th August 2015. Buy from Amazon  


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Passports to Peril

This is the first in a series of books and this one is called Passports to Peril : Gwendoline’s Travels : Book 1 by Terry Ray Hall. The books front cover is very basic looking and not one my kids would wont to pick out. The story is told in a rhyme, the rhyming is a bit dodgy in places and sometimes I had to re-read it to make sense of it. The illustrations are very comic bookish, but the kids didn’t think they were too great. This was released in May 2016 by Cat and Girl Publishing. Buy from Amazon


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Little Mouse

This lovely hardback book is written and illustrated  by Rikka Jäntti. It tells the story of little mouse and his mother and what their day is like together and how mother mouse as to get Little mouse to do things even though he keeps saying ‘No’. Both me and the kids really liked this book, really great for younger children. This is RRP £7.99 and will be released on 11th August 2016. You can pre-order it now on Amazon.


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Supercharged Food for Kids

This super book is written by health guru Lee Holmes and has loads of yummy recipes for kids to try. From everyday favourites like pizza and pasta to yummy snacks like Nut Butter Stars and Pirate Muesli Bars. There are plenty of healthy meals to choose from and tips on how to avoid sugar and processed foods. I really love this book and it’s one of the best recipe books aimed at kids I have seen in a while. Would highly recommend this to every parent. This book as a RRP £12.99 and was published on 2nd June 2016. Buy from Amazon


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Mother & Baby Pregnancy Milestones and Baby Milestones

These books are from the number 1 pregnancy, baby & toddler magazine, Mother & Baby. The Pregnancy Milestone books starts with the pre-conception, with advice on what’s best diet for you, are you emotionally ready and understand your menstrual cycle. There are also chapters on each trimester, preparing for the birth, what to expect at the birth and after the birth. The Baby Milestone book gives advice on looking after and caring for your baby and what to expect through each stage of their life until your baby is 12 months old. Both books are clearly written and include information on everything you need answering. They also both include spaces for your notes, glossary of terms and links to website and other helpful resources. I bought myself similar book when I was pregnant and after I had my baby,. I wish these books were available back then as they include everything you need to know. The books are RRP £12.99 each and were released on 10th March 2016. Buy from Amazon


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I received all the above books in return for a review. All opinions are mine

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