Happy Tokens – A Reward System that Actually Works!

My sister had been looking for a new reward system for her two eldest boys. As the current sticker charts they were using just wasn’t working out for them. She had seen on facebook a great reward system called Happy Tokens. When she told me about these, I had a look myself and thought they looked really great. So I asked the owner if I could get some for the boys to review on my blog. She was very nice and kindly agreed that I could have 2.

The reward system is a little plastic tub with the child name on and they have some happy tokens. Some tokens have smiley faces on them and some have a sad face. They also come with a special golden token too. You can choose the colour of your child’s name and also the colour of both sets of tokens. My sister chose light blue for Regan (6) and green for Jayden (8). She went for white for the smiley faces and black for the sad ones.


happy token 4


The Happy Tokens are very different to sticker charts. As with sticker charts you normally give the child a sticker every time they show good behaviour or if they have behaved on that day. But with these, not only do they get tokens when these show ‘good’ behaviour, but they also get one when the show ‘bad’ behaviour. You can clearly see through he tube how many happy or sad tokens they have got. You can adapt the reward system to a way that suits you as a family. My sister did it that if that had so many good tokens by the end of the week they would get a treat. Something like a new magazine or a trip down to the park. She also gave the gold token to them if they showed extremely good behaviour.

Her eldest, Jayden, as Asperger’s, and this Happy Tokens reward system has really worked well with him. Both the boys love trying to fill their tubes up with the happy tokens.

happy token 8

happy token 9

happy token 2


These a just brilliant! I am thinking about getting some for my youngest two as well. My sister even mentioned these to Regan’s teacher and she thinks they are a fantastic idea and may even get some for her class to use.

You can find more about Happy Tokens on their website. Single starter packs are £9.99 and you can also buy extra happy token in a choice of 12 different colours for just £2.99. Happy Tokens also post out worldwide!!


happy token 6

happy token 7

happy token 5


Do you use an award system for your kids? Do you think the Happy Token system would work for you? Let me know in the comments


I received the above happy tokens for my nephews in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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